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Hydraulic Toilet Unplugger

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Making use of available mains water pressure, and activated by a pushbutton, the toilet is equipped with electric or pneumatic valves which close the bowl and apply mains pressure to the drain.
csea, Apr 16 2016


       And if that doesn't work have fun opening it up again.
Voice, Apr 16 2016

       Toilets on diesel-electric submarines have a version of this with mechanical valves. Known to exist, known to be effective ... also known to demand exacting adherence to the operating procedure, otherwise it all gets rather loud and VERY unpleasant.
8th of 7, Apr 16 2016

       This would be fun. If using one of those transparent toilets the user could inspect the nature of the clog they created and watch the whole thing go down, sploot!
whatrock, Apr 16 2016

       No. Definitely not.
8th of 7, Apr 17 2016

       Ah, yes. I've got something like that on my motoryacht, called a "macerator.". Never had it plug up; maybe I'm just lucky...
csea, Apr 17 2016

       Mains pressure is high, but the volume of water is probably not enough to unblock a toilet. The sure-fire way to unblock a toilet is to empty a bucket of water into it, all at once, from height.
hippo, Apr 17 2016

       // maybe I'm just lucky... //   

       What, lucky to have a yacht, or a macerator that's never clogged ?
8th of 7, Apr 17 2016

       I can confirm that the mop-bucket-method as mentioned by [hippo] has never failed me. Instant deblocking with no mess. I pity those who are ignorant of this technique.
mitxela, Apr 17 2016

       Fiber people.   



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