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Loudspeaker plunger

An automatic plunger
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In my extensive toilet-plunging experience, the best technique for plunging varies between clogs: sometimes it's high amplitude and low frequency, sometimes it's high frequency and low amplitude, and sometimes it's simply maximum power (something like the product of amplitude and frequency). It is often difficult to tell what the best technique will be without trying all of them, and sometimes it changes as the clog shifts.

This device consists of a skirt that seals firmly to the toilet bowl, as in my thermite rocket plunger idea [1], with a specially-designed high-displacement loudspeaker in the middle. This loudspeaker is used to create rapid and drastic changes in the air pressure in the bowl, which, having nowhere else to go (the holes leading the tank being sealed by the skirt), are transmitted to the water and from there to the clog. Feedback, via either back-EMF in the loudspeaker or a separate pressure sensor having low response time, is used to optimize the frequency and amplitude to break up the clog as efficiently as possible. Machine learning can be used to implement this.

In the middle of the loudspeaker could be a socket for attaching a shortened traditional plunger (or my jet plunger [2]) for more focused automatic plunging, if the bowl is not too full with toilet paper.

The skirt could optionally integrate my sonar toilet clog analysis idea [3] for even better feedback and optimization. If not, the devices could be separate but connectable via cable or wireless link.

notexactly, Apr 15 2016


8th of 7, Apr 15 2016

       // specially-designed high-displacement loudspeaker //   

       But what to play? Industrial, metal or simply the Stones? Would there be a clog-moving playlist and an iPod hookup?
whatrock, Apr 15 2016

       The brown note.   

       The music moved me.
AusCan531, Apr 16 2016

       Definitely some concerns about the resonant frequency of various parts of the toilet.   

       Nuclear plunger: A nuclear bomb for use in clearing plugged toilets.
Voice, Apr 16 2016

       ^ [+]
8th of 7, Apr 16 2016


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