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Jet Plunger

Cut up the clog with a water jet
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There exists a product by this name [1], but it's just a compressed air plunging device (and claims this to be "jet engine technology").

My idea is to put a nozzle and appropriate one-way valves on a normal hand-operated toilet plunger (either bell or bellows type), to generate a focused jet of water instead of the typical wide and slow flow. This could be a whole new plunger, or a retrofit.

Enhancements would be to use a small amount of the plunge energy to swing the nozzle around in a circle (for broader cutting area), and to use some kind of valve arrangement to pulse the jet flow (for better directionality and instantaneous power for the same energy input).

A more drastic enhancement would be to add actuators to the nozzle and combine this with my sonar toilet clog analysis device [2] (via a cable or wireless link) to aim the jet at specific parts of the clog for rapid unclogging.

notexactly, Apr 15 2016

[1] JetPlunger http://www.jetplunger.com/
A coincidentally-named product that does not involve jets in any way [notexactly, Apr 15 2016]

[2] Sonar toilet clog analysis Sonar toilet clog analysis
[notexactly, Apr 15 2016]


       In Victorian London, plumbers and householders alike used to buy live eels, caught in the Thames (and sold mainly for food). Dropped into a blocked pipe, an eel will unerringly force its way back to the river and, in so doing, would unblock the pipe.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 15 2016

8th of 7, Apr 15 2016


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