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Indestructible Soap Holder

Because suction cups suck.
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So the shower in my dorm is used by 4 guys, but it only has 1 shelf for soap. If more than one person uses bar soap, this is a problem.

You can stick a shelf in there with suction cups, but I've no idea whether the walls are the right surface for them to stick well.

So seal some foam (or something similarly light and shock-absorbent?) inside the shelf thing. Then if it should happen to fall off, even if you're not in the shower your soap won't break on the floor.

I'd put some kind of simple hinge lid on it, too, so the soap can't fall out.

BC, Jan 05 2012


       Body wash seems to run out fast. There's already like six bottles in my shower. I have tons of bar soap due to some intruiging shenanigans.   

       There's nowhere to hang a soap-on-a-rope (do they still make those?) because the showerhead is curved down and the dial is enormous.   

       ..If you know what I mean.
BC, Jan 05 2012

       Maybe what you actually need is a bar of soap shaped like a vagina. Maybe a hollow solid that exudes body wash strategically.
rcarty, Jan 05 2012

       pretty sure genitalia-shaped soap + a shared shower won't end well.
FlyingToaster, Jan 05 2012

       I think he has already implied that there is significant wanking.
rcarty, Jan 05 2012

       Heaven forfend that it should be insignificant ...   

       Some sort of waterproof soap carrier is clearly required; the sort that makes it impossible to "drop the soap" ...
8th of 7, Jan 05 2012

       [rcarty]: The brand of choice for refills would be called "Soap for pussies." It would also smell like flowers and butterflies.   

       Don't ask me what butterflies smell like. I don't have any idea, nor do I particularly want to.
BC, Jan 05 2012

       They probably smell like they taste; bitter and dendelion-y.
DIYMatt, Jan 05 2012

       // They probably smell like they taste //   

       "What does Swan taste like ?"   

       "Very similar to Panda".
8th of 7, Jan 05 2012

       Any amount is a significant -- you know what, no, let's abandon this line of conversation please.   

       I've got nowhere to put my soap! Surely this isn't a confined issue? I'd imagine it exists at the very least for lots of college students with shared showers. I also know people who have way too many soaps and things in their showers; this would give them more space and protect their enormous soap investments. Because what's more tragic than a broken bar of soap?   

       A moment of silence for all the bar soaps that have been taken from this world before their time.
BC, Jan 05 2012

       Could this problem not be addressed by the purchase of (1) a soap rack (2) an electric drill (3) a tile bit and (4) a screwdriver?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 05 2012

       He said it was a dorm. Prolly not even allowed to put thumbtacks in the walls.
mouseposture, Jan 05 2012

       Ah. In that case, the underlying problem is one of subhuman obedience.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 05 2012

       When I lived in a dorm, many centuries ago, we all had little plastic caddies for our soap and sundries that we carried to and from the shower. Not only did it prevent the nonondrum posed here, but it also kept people from messing with your stuff in the name of pranking, as, if memory serves, college-age male humans are sometimes wont to do. The school I went to didn't provide these shower caddies gratis, but it did tell new students where to buy them (the Student Union, of course). Mine had a rubberized non-slip hook that suspended it from the showerhead and it sported a lovely Black Bear motif.
Alterother, Jan 05 2012

       And you didn't drill holes in the tiles because of subhuman obedence, or was it some other reason?
mouseposture, Jan 05 2012

       The pranks I conducted were a little bit more, um, elaborate.
Alterother, Jan 05 2012

       The reason, then was a fine regard* in deciding when, and when not, to antagonize The Man. Not at all the same thing as subhuman obedience.   

       *You can't have a fine disregard without a fine regard. Otherwise, you're not inventing rugby, you're just spoiling the game.
mouseposture, Jan 05 2012

       When I was in college, I didn't drill through the tiles to install a new soap rack because drilling through tile is frigging hard work.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 06 2012

       Shower caddy and a dollop of hot melt glue to keep it from sliding off of the pipe. Problem solved.   


       $0.50 cent soap dish with a lid at the dollar store and a plastic baggie to carry it with you in your bathroom kit.
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2012

       How about you drill into the tie and support the soap dish with screws (and expansion anchors)   

       or just get one of those hanging baskets that hang from the shower head. That's what I did.
EdwinBakery, Jan 06 2012

       Share the soap. All 4 use the same bar. It is soap! No-one gets cooties from soap. It kills germs. If you are skeptical about the body hairs your roommates leave on it, pull them off.   

       The other option would be a box on the floor. Keep your soap in there. When you take a shower get it out and use it. But you know those guys too cheap to buy their own soap will just use yours anyway, even with the huge number of body hairs you left on it. So just be full of love for your fellow man. You share the same air too.   

       Speaking practically (which pains me) there are tiered metal shower shelves. You can wedge a dowel of wood in the shelf thing and hang the shelves from that.
bungston, Jan 06 2012

       All are pretty good suggestions, I concede.   

       But I'm afraid they're not contrived enough. I need my fix to be completely tailored to one specific and not entirely important purpose, to the extent that using it for anything else would be dangerous to your health. It needs to be so well thought-out AFTER the initial "Is there an easier way to do this?" phase that there's no turning back, no acknowledging the idiocy.   

       I'm thinking I'll put a set of propellors on it so it can fly itself out of the shower while I'm drying off. It can charge its battery with the water current.
BC, Jan 08 2012

       Neutrinos, mate.
Alterother, Jan 08 2012

       not one vote - must be a guy thing.
po, Jan 08 2012

       Maybe a row of spindles at waist level? You could impale the soap after you are done.
bungston, Jan 09 2012

       //Maybe what you actually need is a bar of soap shaped like a vagina//
No, shaped like a penis, each bar being a replica (scale or otherwise) of the washer's wab. This way: easy to carry (you know how to hold one); not likely to be stolen; will line up nicely on the sinktop - indeed, you could reach blindly through the showercurtain to grab your soapcock, identifying your own through tactile familiarity.

       The alternative is to manufacture and use a soap/adhesive combination, to allow each bar (phallic or otherwise) to the showerwalls, you can clean yourself as normal and then step into your post-shower solvent bath to rinse off the soap.
calum, Jan 09 2012

       /a soap/adhesive combination/   

       Yes, yes; just so. I cannot fathom how the world has gotten along without such a hybrid product for so long. Once devised there will really be no need for anything else.
bungston, Jan 09 2012

       Alternatively, have the walls of your showercubicle soap-plated, allowing you to simply rub yourself against them to further your ablute.
calum, Jan 10 2012

       Soap in the shape of a butt plug...   

       1. No one else would use it
2. You'd never lose it
Ling, Jan 10 2012

       I forsee a market opportunity at Penn State.
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2012

       For [calum]'s idea, there would need to be an associated service for a sculptor to come round and carve a model of your phallus from soap for you ("Ooh sir, I think I'll need an extra large bar of soap for this one").
hippo, Jan 10 2012

       //gag// quite.
pocmloc, Jan 10 2012


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