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Meteor Shower

Blacklit shower with lamp in shower head
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No one wants to get bombarded with meteors, but I think we could possibly replicate the shooting star effect, if we put a lamp in the shower head, lighting the water as it sprays out.

To heighten the effect, the shower stall is black with black lighting recessed around the top, lighting up the soap suds, our pasty white skin, and anything else that fluoresces in UV (shower scum?).

DrCurry, Aug 11 2006

see also Color_20Shower
[ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 13 2006]

Perhaps, psychadelic tanning? Tanning_20Shower
I have no idea who this old user is, btw. [daseva, Aug 18 2006]

Lighted Faucets http://www.thinkgee...meoffice/gear/8122/
Apparently the technology to do this is now available. [DrCurry, Sep 24 2007]

Color Changing Tiles http://www.movingcolor.net/products.html
they look pretty damn cool.. with the living art ones you could have night change to day or the other way around [rascalraidex, Sep 25 2007]


       With strobe... A pulse setting on the shower head and a strobe. You could watch them go 'up'.
Shz, Aug 11 2006

       Yeah, fit a strobe-light to urinals, too...piece of piss.
Dub, Aug 12 2006

       YOUR pasty white skin, ignoramus!   

       Kidding... This would make blacklight soap a much more marketable item. If it ends up as cool as it sounds, BUN!
daseva, Aug 18 2006

       Black light soap? I recall, from my misspent youth, that Visine was reputed to be a glow-in-the-black light agent.
normzone, Aug 18 2006

       really [norm]? i'll have to try that. brilliant white/purple glowing eyes! also, bun.
tcarson, Aug 18 2006

       Attn. LSD
daseva, Aug 18 2006

       i don't think i've grasped either the gist of your comment toward [daseva]'s age, or why you think that i should pay attention to lsd [bob].
tcarson, Aug 18 2006

       Ahh, forget it, it's just that the last time I witnessed brilliant white/purple glowing eyes I was under the influence. I made no comments to [das]'s age, U gotta figure that one out solo.
daseva, Aug 18 2006

       sorry, the words made their own sentence there, i merely was fool enough to listen. my result was something about not knowing the user's age. oops.
tcarson, Aug 18 2006

       darn you, [DrCurry], i came within pixels of ordering one of those faucets on the spot! i'll have to be more careful examining your links from now on.
k_sra, Sep 24 2007

       Noice! (As the Aussies say)
doctorremulac3, Sep 24 2007

       //darn you, [DrCurry], i came within pixels of ordering one of those faucets on the spot!//   

       what's wrong with it?
bleh, Sep 24 2007

       nothing. i just prefer to give consideration before purchases. if i want it i'll buy it in a month. (it is lovely)
k_sra, Sep 24 2007

       Ah, I see. have you seen the thermal sensitive paint? the faucet itself changes colors.   

       could be made to work with this idea, like a black paint that changes to dark green with temperature increase. Then the top of the shower will remain a black while the bottom where the hot water is hitting will change to a dark green giving the effect of a nice earthly nightscape.
bleh, Sep 24 2007

       cool. if that is the way of the future, i'll be there!
k_sra, Sep 24 2007

       /Meteor Shower/   

       I pick Mete. I had a shower earlier today.
bungston, Sep 24 2007

       [bleh] They do have color changing tiles, I saw them not too long ago on some bathroom show on DIY network. Posting a link. They are pretty awesome.
rascalraidex, Sep 25 2007

       21Q: no strobe lights involved. And if it's like an acid trip (I wouldn't know), you'll get no flashbacks.
DrCurry, Sep 25 2007


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