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No-Splash Fan

Worked at home with a Lasko-brand box fan behind me...
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Heavy-duty (that's duty, not doody, you sickos) fans mounted in the walls facing urinals, blowing towards the urinal to combat splash-back. To save on energy costs, the fans could be activated/deactivated by the proximity sensor used for the flush mechanism.

You *might* want to ensure your belt is tucked away so as not to be dangling when the fan is activated.

21 Quest, Aug 11 2012

Far more non-ineffective. http://www.halfbake...ectrospray_20urinal
[MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2012]


       Why is it that the urinal subcats are all grouped under the 'home' category? I mean really, whose home (besides, possibly, Maxwell's) has a urinal in it? This really should be in the 'Public' category.
21 Quest, Aug 11 2012

       Given the semi-parabolic shape of most urinals, what's to prevent the impingent airflow being reversed and contributing to splash-back?

       The vacuum function of airline toilets seems like it would work better.
csea, Aug 11 2012

       Hadn't thought about the airflow being reversed in such a manner. Hmmm... this will require some testing.
21 Quest, Aug 12 2012

       I worry slightly that the turbulence that a powerful fan might produce would result in an airflow which bounces off the smooth ceramic urinal surface, producing a massive, billowing cloud of urine droplets which will engulf the unwitting urinal-user.

For some reason, perhaps because they both contain fans, I envisage the urinal fan being activated by the hand-dryer, so that as one man goes to dry his hands, the man standing at the urinal is suddenly hit by a powerful wind, before being engulfed in a vortex of airborne urine ("Hey! Don't dry your hands yet!! Aaaagh!!!).
hippo, Aug 13 2012

       What hippo said: blow into a bottle.
Voice, Aug 13 2012


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