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Sublimanal message graphic tie,
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A tie with a hidden picture serialgraphic pattern ...A message could be hidden in the pattern to suite the objective of the wearer.... example 1: A salesman has the message "close the deal" in the pattern of the tie ,only to be read subconsciously by the person standing and looking at the tie! Example 2: a product brandname is hidden in a pattern of the tie while visiting a possible client using a competitors product. thereby planting the seed of switching to the salesmans hiden message product! example 3: A suggestive message hidden in the pattern of a tie while on a date with a desirable companion...such as "you will buy fishing boat and invite me fishing " or something like that.
shradius, Jun 05 2002

link 1 http://www.poleshif...nal_Suggestion.html
[yamahito, Jun 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

link 2 http://dating.about...weekly/aa102200.htm
[yamahito, Jun 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

picture http://future-world...n/product/10001/271
subliminal photography [shradius, Jun 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

http://www.halfbake...www.brainwasher.com [shradius, Jun 06 2002]


       How are you going to put the 'message' into the tie? What if the 'client' doesn't look at the tiw. I tend to look at peoples faces when i talk to them, not their clothing.
[ sctld ], Jun 05 2002

       Fair enough ...sctlnd but if the tie is eyecatching enough then ,,you will eventually look at it ..the message is hidden in the colors of the pattern like a serialgraph.
shradius, Jun 05 2002

       Pastry just for the name. But I like the idea, too. I'd be surprised if this isn't already overbaked in advertising. I remember being a shocked 7th grader seeing the word "sex" spelled out, ever so surreptitiously, on my bag of pretzels. That could have just been the raging hormones, though....
china, Jun 05 2002

       I still don't think people will look at the tie for long enough to let the message sink in.   

       And my name is [ sctld ], not sctld (you can call me that when you are more promenent), and absolutly not "sctlnd" I assume you deleted this the first time by mistake.
[ sctld ], Jun 05 2002

       [sctlnd] Sorry ..My mistake ...so I guess laddy or Mc is out of the question eh?
shradius, Jun 05 2002

       Indeed, because i'm actually part Yiddish.
[ sctld ], Jun 05 2002

       subliminal : means the message will be read through the subconscious mind unbeknowenst to the reader. It only takes a split second. ..Lets say you are correct? and the target does not notice the tie? If the wearer believes the tie will work then the psychological effect could be that an increase in confidence might influence the wearer's behavior. Wearing a normal ties does not increase the chances of anything happening ,so why not wear a tie that might have a benificial effect on the sitituation? There would be no downside to wearing the hypno-tie over a regular tie unless the tie was uglier than the tie you had planned to wear. The tie plays on the sense of hope for the best.
shradius, Jun 05 2002

       I take it in your culture their is a lot of symbolism around a neck-tie.
[ sctld ], Jun 05 2002

       Make this happen, and I will buy these things and wear them in all kinds of inventive ways, despite the fact that I am female. I will take care to match the message to the event, venue, or target, e.g.:   

       BUSH IS A WEENIE (major corporate events, natural disasters, the red carpet at the Academy Awards - anywhere there's likely to be a large television audience)
IT'S TIME TO LOWER THE RENT (meeting with the landlord)
BOY DO YOU NEED ME (job interview)
HOW ABOUT A NEW INTERN (chance meeting with the former President)
1percent, Jun 05 2002

       Unfortunately : I have had to wear a tie over the years as did my fellow workers and millions of other cubicle dwellers. The symbol is not the tie ..That is the opertunity ....No longer will one be required to wear a tie with no synbolism other than if it is stylish ... in fact the tie could be imprinted with the message "stylish" and not be. The tie changes from a stylish accessory required to meet a dress code, to a powerfull statement of the message one is trying to convey. The one inapproiate message would be: "do not wear a tie"
shradius, Jun 05 2002

       Good Point 1percent : Infact I might wear a hypno-tie with the message "pretend you are an intern and I am Bill"
shradius, Jun 05 2002

       two people (perhaps in a spin off from the church of the sock) worship vests (or perhaps clothes in general). One is a mere verger. The other is an archbishop.   

       The archbishop is the ferventer vestite.
yamahito, Jun 05 2002

       No bobothefuture Those words mean nothing to me ...Even though I know the meaning. What is your meaning? ....8-)
shradius, Jun 05 2002

       listen carefully:   



       sound similar, don't they. Co-incidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.
yamahito, Jun 05 2002

       I'll vote for this if shradius can provide any evidence (preferably cites from scholarly works) that subliminal texts such as these will have any effect. And if he learns to spell "subliminal", "suit", or "hidden", and to use any of the basic punctuation marks in the English language. I do like his use of the word "subconscientious" on his profile though. I think my boss would agree I'm subconscientious too.
pottedstu, Jun 06 2002

       Most of us seem to be. Possibly even less than that.
angel, Jun 06 2002

       pottedstu: You miss the whole point! it is not how things are spelled it is the content ....this is not english class ....I have admitted to a lack of conformatiy in my written use of the english language. I believe your username would be included in the list of violations of spelling words. But it doesn't matter does it? And bringing light to the imperfections of my words ,in some way must help your self esteem ...for this I am happy for you ...because you need it more than I.
shradius, Jun 06 2002

       pottedstu: Here are but two of @11,600 studies done on the subject.   

       www.poleshift.org/sublim/egs/ Subliminal_Suggestion.html http://dating.about.com/library/weekly/aa102200.htm
shradius, Jun 06 2002

       Shradius, there's a facility for putting links up. I'll do it for you this time.
yamahito, Jun 06 2002

       Thank you Yamahito :
shradius, Jun 06 2002

       None of those links really apply to the mechanism of this tie. I still don't think there's any evidence that it would be possible to hide a message such as "you will buy fishing boat and invite me fishing" in a fabric in such a way that people would not be able to notice it consciously, but would perceive it unconsciously, be able to understand its meaning, and would respond to it. It's certainly possible to use a tie of a given colour to suggest that you're dynamic or reassuring, but hidden messages that are nonetheless visible to the unconscious mind are the stuff of conspiracy theories.
pottedstu, Jun 06 2002

       You must not have seen the message in the last annotation I sent ....shhhh!! damn nonbelievers I pick the first sites that deal with subliminal messages stereo graphics can provide the vechical for the message ..... don't you remember the 1960's when movie theartres where putting subliminal messages is the trailers as a single frame with a picture of popcorn? opps I am shwing my age!
shradius, Jun 06 2002

       They didn't work either. And besides, you're not planning on having your tie flash a single image now and then.   

       Now I got that damn Scritti Politti song stuck in my head.   

       // I am shwing //   

       Heh. Party on, Wayne.
waugsqueke, Jun 06 2002

       I need a 'HIRE ME YOU WORTHLESS TWIT!' subliminal tie to wear to interviews.
RayfordSteele, Jun 06 2002

       Again you are missing the point ...to make money! since when does it have to wrok to be able to sell it! The buyer only has to believe it works ...do I need to share examples of this thinking ...O.K I will Example 1: Vitamin industry Example 2: Pheremone cologne Example 3: anything to do with ufo's Example 4:Religous prayer icons.   

       da da da da on and on ...
shradius, Jun 06 2002

       If the only point is to swindle people and make money, there are easier ways than a fake hypno-tie. And don't get me started on UFOs
dag, Jun 06 2002


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