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Butterfly Bow Tie

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Just a piece of ribbon with a full-scale model butterfly on it that flaps its wings through some non-magical process (flexing of the ribbon, solar-power, whatever)

The battery-assisted model can be used for cooling.

(Googlers beware; the common knot on a bow tie is called a "butterfly knot")

FlyingToaster, May 09 2008

(?) http://kalene.blogs...hotos/art/c99e.html [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 11 2008]

Wings in Motion http://www.african-...ome-decorating.com/
Realistic butterflies with wings that move by heating nitinol wire. [Amos Kito, May 11 2008]

An archived thumbnail of what was at the first link http://web.archive..../art/c99e-thumb.jpg
Appears to be all that's left of it, but you can see it well enough. [notexactly, Apr 29 2019]


       Would this allow you to trigger a massive storm on the other side of the world ?   

8th of 7, May 11 2008

       seems a little elton johnish/liberaceish for me, but bun, nonetheless.
MikeD, May 11 2008

       I'm not sure [FlyingToaster]. I was never able to talk myself into buying a fish necktie. Still, I'll give you a [+] just because you have moved on from your screen saver gig.
Ozone, May 11 2008

       //seems a little elton johnish/liberaceish for me//   

       hmm... while not a fashion-designer, I can't really visualize either of those wearing one; more for the generic artsy type rather than the gay-pianist type. § x1
FlyingToaster, May 12 2008

       I read this right after “Gun Crazy Crime Control”. Perfect timing. Thank you. [+]
bneal27, May 12 2008

       aww, I love this! +
xandram, May 12 2008

       //Gun Crazy Crime Control//   

       heheheh, I just pictured Clint Eastwood wearing one of these...
"so tell me punk <flap>, do ya feel lucky? <flap flap> Well? Do ya? <flap flap flap>"

       or 007...
"Sho <flap>, Goldfinger <flap>, do you ekshpect me to talk? <flap flap>"
"no Mr. Bond (<flap flap flap>) I ex(<flap>)pect you (<flap>) to(<flap>)... LOOK WOULD YOU TURN THAT DAMNED THING OFF..."
FlyingToaster, May 24 2008

       [+] This is the coolest idea since ... the beer popsicle! Patent this sucker...   

       (I want one ... do HBs get a discount? I want a PussyCat SwallowTail: ala Giligan's Island.)
Wily Peyote, Jan 07 2009


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