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Leash Tie

for people and pets
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This is a tie made out of the cheap woven nylon stuff from which leashes are commonly made. It is made to attach to a collar (pet style, not shirt style) with a swivel hasp.
Spacecoyote, Apr 01 2009

sort of like this Dog_20Walking_20Shoe_20Laces
for dogs and people [blissmiss, Apr 04 2009]


       and in the "wow you'd think we'd have done this before" column... [+]... though I'd rather mine in leather... sentimental reasons ;)
FlyingToaster, Apr 01 2009

       If your dog's decided on a rabbit chase and you're holding a lead, you can let go and save yourself from a comedy trip round the park on your belly. With this, it's bye bye neck!
Skrewloose, Apr 03 2009

       There seems to be a new autoboner on the loose, and it's not me!
xenzag, Apr 04 2009

       Not I. I liked the idea.
blissmiss, Apr 04 2009

       make it 3 oh great 21 and you look suspect 2.
blissmiss, Apr 04 2009


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