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Long tieable shirttails

More. Longer. Lower.
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The high fashion division at BUNGCO has a thing for ties. The problem is that they are so high up. But that can be fixed!

The LTS shirts have elongated, thin tails. The tails have a pattern slightly different from the shirt, and standard neckties can be purchased to match. The LTS are to be tied as a necktie. They can either be allowed to drape forwards in an ascot cum loinclothly manner, or be tucked in to the trousers then pulled out through the fly, as is normally done with shirttails. Roguish renegades might not tie them but allow them to swing free, perhaps weighted on each side by a small golden elephant tie tack.

bungston, Oct 02 2009

Wear them with these Ladies_20Drop-Trou_20Boots
[normzone, Oct 02 2009]

A good match for these, perhaps? http://1.bp.blogspo...s1600-h/cleaver.jpg
Cleaver Pants [Klaatu, Oct 03 2009]


       //tucked in to the trousers then pulled out through the fly, as is normally done with shirttails// picture please!
pocmloc, Oct 02 2009

       Make it a rooster tie tack that will hang below my knees and i'll buy one.
Sparkyplugclean, Oct 02 2009

       You are starting to seriously worry us, [bungs], and we are an aggressive hegemonising collective cybernetic ;life-form so you should really take note. Have you been taking your medication like you promised ?   

       // small golden elephant tie tack //   

       Or a small bust of Prince Albert ? The mind boggles....
8th of 7, Oct 02 2009

       Finally, a practical fashion idea! I'll take three. One must have white with purple/gray/black plaid tails. (Females are allowed to wear these, right?)
XSarenkaX, Oct 10 2009


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