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Meandering Ties

Ties that don't just hang straight down in front of your shirt
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Q..... and why do they not just hang straight down in front of your shirt ?

A....... because their shapes are based on maps of well known rivers of the world.

Skinny rivers that don't wander about much would look more like bolos.

Any major tributaries would be draped over your shoulders or travel around your back, attached in place with velcro.

Some of the longer ones, without deltas, could be threaded through your belt loops to continue their journeys.

The really long ones, like the Nile or the Amazon would suit a more portly belly to traverse, especially as they have an extensive delta region that you could tuck into the front of your pants.

xenzag, Jan 05 2007

Nile tie http://www.philapri...com/images/tie5.jpg
Upside down, too short, and nowhere near meandering enough. [jutta, Jan 05 2007]

Fabric Maps of WW II http://www.silkmaps.com/
[jutta, Jan 05 2007]

po http://magma.nation.../ngm/0205/feature6/
[po, Jan 05 2007]


       The Ties That Wind?   

       Vaguely related history: In world war II, British, and later US, Intelligence services printed and distributed maps printed on cloth as an aid to escape. They could double as neckerchiefs, but they're really mainly just very light, sturdy maps.
jutta, Jan 05 2007

       Positively ... insane. +
phundug, Jan 05 2007

       //The length of a river, divided by the straight line distance from its source to delta, approximates to pi.//   

       isnt that true of any continuous line?
bleh, Jan 05 2007

       [po] you can have a po tie.
xenzag, Jan 05 2007

       Isn't a tie just a huge arrow?
shinobi, Jan 07 2007

       + oh yes, to be worn with a suit made from those fabric maps.
xandram, Jan 07 2007

       This is just too cool. I'd like to see a Mississippi tie that spilled into the top of my Louisiana hip pocket.
nomocrow, Jan 08 2007

       [boysparks] That can't be true! If the river's very very long it could meander hundreds of times... It may approximate to a multiple of Pi.
Dub, Jan 08 2007

       Spooky (thinks for a while - presumably the longer a river runs, the proportionately more it meanders) - but I'm wondering how you measure the actual length - E.g. the actual measured length of a coastline (and presumably a river's strand-line) is infinite.   

       Nevertheless, well found factoid, [boysparks] :)
Dub, Jan 08 2007


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