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Computerised apparel

Wear your PC
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It's an outfit that contains your entire computer. The computer is broken up into its constituent parts. The CPU, RAM, and mainboard are housed in the soles of your shoes. When you walk, a belows-like apparatus in the soles helps keep the CPU cool, or perhaps a small fan could fit down there. All the seperated components interact with each other via weak wireless signals. The keyboard is broken into two halves which are secured to the tops of your thighs. They can even be repositioned depending on whether you are standing or sitting. A touch pad with two mouse buttons is located on the side of your right or left thigh, depending on whether you are a righty or southpaw. It can also be repositioned. The monitor is your glasses. This technology already exists, but it would be a pair of glasses/sunglasses that would have a small projector built into the frame. The frame would also have two earpieces that would allow ambient sound to pass through them for safety purposes. Viola: wearable computer. The computer components would be removable so you can wash your clothes. Also, cell phone functionality could be built into this device so that you can call people hands-free whenever. A numeric keypad could be an optional attachment underneath the right or left-side of the keyboard.
phaseinduction, Mar 11 2007


       Do it properly. make it machine washable while you are going. Any _stains you get from checking out _questionable web sites would come right out.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 11 2007


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