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Ice Machines

Making things INCREDIBLY cheap
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Well... I'm not exactly a science/physics guy, but I'm sorta fascinated by the idea of making things out of ice. Some WW2 guy wanted to make an aircraft carrier out of the stuff (with added 14% sawdust).

Theoretically, I believe you could build a steam engine made of ice that uses liquid nitrogen... You could definitely build a boat (pumping cold saltwater around the edges to keep it cold)...

granted, ice doesn't have the lasting capability of steel/other metals - but it's COST (next to nothing) should help immensely :)

The only thing you really need, is energy and water (and water can even be gotten from the air). In the next couple yrs, energy prices should plummet ('cept in the states, I'd think).

Ice Buildings, mills, ?drills?, conveyor belts, water/air hoses, engines, fisheries, crude vehicles... you could even make a solar collector using ice as a lens. (while heavier, you cant argue with 'free')

There would be fast-moving parts that really wouldn't do well being ice, but for that 2% you could simply use something else, or replace often, or keep liquid nitrogen around.

ANY thoughts for things that you could build out of ice? (pumping cold saltwater around it should keep it colder) I'm thinking that Iceland would be an ideal location, normally being a bit colder. Thinking about an 'ice palace' myself, with giant lenses as energy & home protection ;)

curiouswhitehat, Dec 15 2007

Pykrete http://jwgibbs.cche...odeve/bergship.html
Not such a great material. Ice is worse. [MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2007]

Pyke: my hero "Creep is a minor problem, really it is....THINK LIKE ME!" http://www.swalks.com/hab.html
greatly amusing, and inspirational info about the Habbakuk project [curiouswhitehat, Dec 17 2007]


       I'm not exactly sure there's an invention here - people do build (or have proposed building, as you point out) many things out of ice, and this idea seems to be saying "make more things out of ice, somehow". The liquid- nitrogen-driven ice steam engine, however, is a very neat idea - you should post it on its own.   

       One of the big problems with ice, even when reinforced with fibres, is creep. Even under its own weight, ice flows slowly. Large structures will therefore slowly collapse in a treaclish sort of way.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2007

       // Some WW2 guy wanted to make an aircraft carrier out of the stuff (with added 14% sawdust). //   

8th of 7, Dec 15 2007

       I believe Pykrete is a more common spelling.. it's the one that comes up under wikipedia anyway (though many websites use the pyecrete spelling). (semantics)   

       Basically, I'm just looking for useful, if not creative ideas on other things to make using ice. Dreaming of taking a trip to a land of ice, and building some sorta CHEAP manufacturing empire from scratch.
curiouswhitehat, Dec 15 2007

       //I believe Pykrete is a more common spelling// After Geoffrey Pyke, who proposed to build aircraft carriers out of it. I knew a guy who worked on the project before it was dropped.   

       [Curiouswhitehat], just be aware that whatever you build will slowly (or not so slowly) sag and spread. Ice flows.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2007

       Wouldn't Greenland be better for this.
BJS, Dec 15 2007

       // Pykrete //   

       Yes, that's right.... apparently he made a soup tureen out of it and served Winston Churchill hot soup from a container made of ice.......
8th of 7, Dec 15 2007

       c'mon.. no aircraft? was just looking into kite designs to see if i could figure out what design uses the heaviest material :P dirrigible I think would be cool... not sure how well that'd work; hydrogen contained by ice, cooled and propelled by L2N.
curiouswhitehat, Dec 15 2007

       A spaceship that keeps to the dark .
wjt, Dec 15 2007

       Before you get too carried away, bear in mind that Pykrete (let alone regular ice) is a pretty lousy structural material. It has low tensile and compressive strengths per unit weight compared to any respectable engineering material. It also has low stiffness, and serious creep problems.   

       See link for some discussion of this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2007

       HOw on earth are you expecting to make, amon gst other things, conveyor belts? Or hoses?   

       If you're thinking about life costs, I think concrete pretty much has you licked here.
Custardguts, Dec 16 2007

       This is a wish, not an invention. [-]   

       Ice has certain properties that make it a good or bad construction material, depending on the needs and uses. I'd not have fishboned this if it had said something like, "Ice blocks could be used to both support and lubricate a conveyor belt . . .."
baconbrain, Dec 17 2007

       "Ice blocks could be used as minaturised refrigeration units for tasty alcohol-based beverages" ?
8th of 7, Dec 17 2007

       Could this be moved to a more appropriate category than the speaking clocks one?
notexactly, Dec 07 2019

       There's always Other:General ...
8th of 7, Dec 07 2019

       I don't think I read this idea the other day, just used the "find" feature in my browser to confirm that it didn't mention clocks or speaking, because, if I'd read it, I would have remembered, and mentioned, that, the other year, I had been vaguely considering making the frame of a lathe out of pykrete, and had looked into its mechanical properties a bit. (It would have been a glassblowing lathe, not a metal lathe, so no large forces or super-stringent stiffness requirements.)
notexactly, Dec 10 2019


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