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Programmable Speaking Clock

A speaking clock with selectable voices
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Do you get fed up of the speaking clock, you dial the number, and it says "At the third stroke it will be Eleven, Fifteen and ten seconds beep beep beep"

So why not be able to press say "1" for a Drunken speaking clock, "2" for an abusive speaking clock etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Micky Dread, Nov 24 2002

(?) Speaking Watch http://www.boingboi..._phone_watch_r.html
Simply call different country's speaking clocks [Dub, Jan 03 2007]


       Whats the number?
skinflaps, Nov 24 2002

       Well, it kinda depends on which country your in.
Micky Dread, Nov 24 2002

       "Gimme another beer, wouldya? Heyyy no, whaddya mean I've had enough? 'M not pished... too early to be pishsed yet, it's... itsa only 6:47 p.m. now, hear that beep? So jusht pour the fackin' beer, aww come on... woah, uh, urgh, hold onna moment - you gorra bucket, mate? Shorry mate, sorry, 'schcuze me... wooooarghhh... aww I only just ate that pie an' now I've thrown it up already at 6:48 precschishely. Yech... gimme a beer to wash the taste out, wouldya?"
imaginality, Jan 03 2007

       Funny, yes. But I prefer my clock not to speak. When I want to know the time, I'll look over at it.
flynn, Jan 06 2007


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