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Mr wolf

voice activated personal clock
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When asked "What time is it Mr Wolf" the clock will tell you the correct time" in a wolfy kind of voice. The only drawback is that occasionally he might answer "it's dinner time"and chase after you with tickling claws and a strange laugh.
gizmo, Dec 04 2001

A robot suitable for wolf's clothing? http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~arlweb/scoutii/
Scout II from the Ambulatory Robotics Lab, Montreal [Aristotle, Dec 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Certainly fits the half-baked spirit. It would have an hour claw and a minute claw, no doubt.
bristolz, Dec 04 2001

       Buy 'em by the pack.
phoenix, Dec 04 2001

       Mom started dating again? I'm down with the clock, man, it's def.
reensure, Dec 04 2001

       I think the kids say 'Off the hook' now, [reensure].
phoenix, Dec 05 2001

       I'd like to know what a wolfy sort of voice sounds like
po, Dec 05 2001

       I wonder if anyone's hacked an AIBO to turn it into a werewolf? (A web search turns up nothing.) Maybe attach razor-sharp fangs to its jaws. That would be a worthy application of robot technology; perhaps add some computer virus so it could bite other AIBOs and infect them too. (Alternative: a were-scooter Segway/Ginger/It, not at all baked in the movie Ginger Snaps, which just featured a werewolf called Ginger)
pottedstu, Dec 05 2001

       Sounds a bit scary to me. Unless it was a large cuddly kind of wolfy with soft paws and glow in the dark teeth!
arora, Dec 05 2001

       Po: Maybe something a bit like this "It'sss arghalf passst seven"
gizmo, Dec 06 2001

       Gizmo: Does the wolf have a stammer or has it been imbibing at the Bachanalian Shrine?
maggie, Jan 26 2002

       Be careful or it may blow your house down.
sufc, Nov 19 2002


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