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Ice Sphere

Makes bottled drinks colder
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How about an ice cube that is a sphere, so it can easily be put into water bottles. You could also make them in lemon flavor if you like your water with a bit of lemon. This could also work on those small bottle of soda
chuckmandoo, Aug 07 2000

(??) offtopic http://www.icecube2000.co.uk/product.htm
Not spherical, but I felt like sharing... [egnor, Aug 07 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Real ice. http://www.newscien...weird/bizarre4.html
More cold, clear logic - scroll to the botton of the left column, then click on the arrow link. [Scott_D, Aug 07 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Ice sphere mould http://www.mujicata.../gallery.asp?ID=464
They imply it's good for whisky on the rocks (you'd probably only want one rock, they are quite large). They also sell cube and cylinder moulds. [aglet, Oct 04 2004]

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       Why not avoid all the trickiness of freezing ice into a sphere and simply make trays that produce thinner prism shapes?
centauri, Aug 07 2000

       wait... hold on you want to put ice in your bottled water? this concept has always been odd to me, buy "clean" water for a buck fitty and then ad chlorinated water cubes to it. but little ice spheres, yeah that could be cool. while they would fit better, they also might cool faster due to more surface area, but by the same token might dilute your mix more quickly as well. :)
wrenchndmachine, Aug 11 2000

       Oh no! Diluted water! <grin>
StarChaser, Aug 12 2000

       we have ice cube (well ice sphere i suppose)trays at home that have two halves to them. you fill the the bottom half, then add the top half. the top half has little holes at the bottom of the hemispherical shapes, which lets the water in. then you freeze it and then you take it out of the freezer after it has frozen and wow, look here, ice spheres.   

       thing is, they're too small, and very hard to get out so that in the process you get frostbitten fingers. bad.
wenshan, Aug 26 2000

       why not just put the whole (plastic) water bottle in the freezer? then you don't pollute it.
lee, Jan 18 2001

       Wrenchnd: One problem with the surface area thing. A sphere has a *smaller* surface area than a cube of the same volume. In fact, for a given volume, a sphere is the solid of minimal surface area.
baf, Jan 19 2001

       Recently, Suntory, for their Zen whisky product (highly NOT recommended), distributed with the product a mold that could freeze a nice big ice sphere to be put the whisky glass.
Vance, Feb 06 2001

       [aglet] click on the link button below the idea and add your link, giving a brief description.
po, Jan 23 2003

       [po] Cheers for that. I'd like it very much if they sold all the platonic solids...
aglet, Jan 23 2003

       GLAD have a plastic ice-cube-bag system. It does pretty good - The 'cubes' are almost egg shaped. It's a bit wastefull though. The bags are only usable once.
Terrabus, Jan 24 2003

       In Athens, they have people on the roads on hot days, selling you bottles of mineral water that have been completely frozen - it doesn't take long for them to defrost. My point is, why do you need to put ice cubes in the bottles at all?
yamahito, Jan 24 2003


       The answer is already here. I read about it in a magazine on an airplane in the US a couple of years ago. It was a little girl who invented it. Not a sphere, but an Ice Tube, not an Ice Cube. I searched for it on line, and found this page http://www.improvementscatalog.com/product.asp?produ ct=215241zz&dept%5Fid=13100&subdept%5Fid=13170   

       I'm gonna get me one of those, not for my water, but for my Coke, Mmmmmmmmm....
flakerforreal, May 01 2004


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