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InSinkErator® Farewell

Cheap and quick
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Huge sink with oversized faucets. Loved one drops into the InSinkErator® and a large cartoonish wall switch is thrown by the family members.

This is how I want to go.

Klaatu, Jun 19 2008

InSinkErator® http://www.warehous...rod/ISEproessential
[Klaatu, Jun 19 2008]


       Ew. Just the thought of the noises gives me the willys.
phoenix, Jun 20 2008

       //Just the thought of the noises gives me the willys.//   

       The advert claims "40% quieter operation than a standard disposer". Throw a bit of additional insulation under the sink and it really should be fairly quiet and not unlike the disposal in most kitchens.   

       Edit: Besides, the organ music should cover the sound.
Klaatu, Jun 20 2008

       In Sink Compost-erator was one of the first few ideas I posted to the HB.
It vanished mysteriously and seems to have reappeared in your first link.
You might be able to Wayback machine it, I haven't bothered to learn how yet.

       I always wanted to have my carcass thrown to the wolves but composted would be a close second. (+)   

       We have always wanted you thrown to the wolves too. We will even provide the wolves.   

       Ready when you are ....
8th of 7, Jun 20 2008

       "40% quieter operation than a standard disposer"
I wasn't referring to the sound of the motor! Besides, I think you'd need something like a wood chipper to get the job done.
phoenix, Jun 20 2008

       I suppose this has marginally more dignity than the Giant Flush Toilet Funeral Parlor.
hippo, Jun 20 2008

       //more dignity than the Giant Flush Toilet Funeral Parlor//   

       Nope, just down the hall. Second door on your left. I could go for that too. Decisions...decisions.
Klaatu, Jun 20 2008

       <obligatory premature death to boy band anno>
4whom, Jun 20 2008

       I was gonna bone this until you said "organ music".
Noexit, Jun 20 2008


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