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Interment Flight

Collective burial by flying a plane into hollowed ground.
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Load a fly by wire airliner with departed loaded coffins and fly it into the ground. Dead pilots can't pull on the control rods so remote control systems are needed in this new burial.

The ground is going to be a bit unforgiving of its new assignment if not prepared. Using large diggers and dump trucks the ground is dug out to a sufficient depth over a reasonable target area and then this plot is back filled as mechanically lightly as possible. The earthly entry ground is now ready to receive the transport body of afterlife resting.

An afterlife ticket of sorts is bought. This ticket buys a coffin position on the aircraft. As some positions are more energetic than others so the back sections are cheap. Since some religions have desired final outcome, it would be wise to select the correct cultural flight.

Upgrades include type of aircraft and furnishings, paint palette, and for extra special requests plot decoration and military ordnance inclusion (possible cremation addition).

If your gonna go, get sent off with a crash.

wjt, Feb 27 2020


       How much for guaranteed traumatic limb amputation?
Voice, Feb 28 2020

       Too soon
sninctown, Feb 28 2020

       //too soon// Did I miss some news?
Voice, Feb 28 2020

       This could be used by the military in wartime for casualties in battle. Instead of diggers, heavy artillary would be used. Years later both sides could meet on a collective memorial day and site.
pashute, Feb 28 2020

       Errrrm, Baked.   

       Verdun. Thiepval. Vimy Ridge. Gouzeaucourt. Aubers Ridge. Ypres. Montfaucon. Bazentin-le-Petit. Bazentin-le-Grand. Mametz. High Wood. Bourlon Wood. Ginchy. Combles..... Passchendaele.   

       Any one of hundreds of places in France and Belgium.
8th of 7, Feb 28 2020

       Likewise, if you want to be able to say "My grandfather went down with his ship", just buy a boat out of your recently deceased grandfather's estate (so that it is his boat) and have it go by remote control some distance offshore and then (also by remote control) explode and thus sink.
hippo, Feb 28 2020

       Cheaper yet - just drill a couple of holes in the coffin and stick a flag on top.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2020

       Just for clarification;
In your summary, did you mean to type Hollowed Ground or Hallowed Ground?
'cause that might be a whole nother angle.

       [2 fries] Expense, The flight, if using hallowed ground, has to have an extra sanctified target. A lot more worship and untying of jumbled red stoles are needed before ticketing.   

       [Voice] People would usually book in a group so deceased would be laying their arms around their friends. Like in life, there would still be a few leg overs.
wjt, Feb 29 2020


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