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In the box

no more of this "out of the box"
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Do you have co-workers who are a little *too* creative? Dose their ‘out of the box’ thinking irritate you? Maybe *you’re* too creative and you just wish there was a way to calm down? “In the box” is a large, brown, box that can be placed over an ‘out of the box’ thinker. It is sound proof and has “business as usual” printed in big black letters on the inside ... so they get the idea. It also inhibits florid body languge( usually used to express ‘out of the box’ ideas.) We suggest that you keep yours in the conference room. For a slightly higher feel we’ll suspended the box on a pulley system above a certain chair for fast ‘in the box’ thinking action!
futurebird, Jul 29 2001


       For every thoughtful, well-meaning paradigmatic type, there is a smarmy crypto-anarchist who believes himself to be the office ninja master of veiled sarcasm. Bring on The Box and never mind the vent holes.
The Military, Jul 29 2001

       I'm suprised that no-one has mentioned cats so far ...
Aristotle, Jul 31 2001

       Another similar idea would be an envelope attatched to the desk with large quantites of strong adhesive, so it becomes unpushable. The challenge of trying to do so would quieten the offender. Possibly.
-alx, Jul 31 2001

       Does the phrase 'think outside the box' make you want to put the speaker in a SMALL box? Preferably with a number of rabid flesh-eating AIDS weasels? Do you want to figure out who coined the phrase, hunt them down and throw up in their lap? <trails off into incoherent mumbling...>
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       We can't "know" anything for sure unless we're *in* the box with Schrodinger's Cat (or Weasel, as the case may be), but most of us don't fit and have such a puny radiation tolerance anyway...   

       (pssst...I have it on good authority that The Box is... oh, no! ... a metaphor. SShhhh. Don't tell anyone I said so; they'll take my box away, and then I'll have to invent a square space helmet before I suffocate in the ambiguousphere...)
whatsbruin, Sep 05 2001

       Not lately. The greater threat is sudden decompression of the language centers of the brain, such that >>thoofsplat<<
whatsbruin, Sep 05 2001

       [whatsbruin] - back in your box!
jabbers, Sep 10 2001

       Lowering the box into a pond full of sharks is likely to add a certain focus to mental processes. Admittedly, this may encourage the free-thinker to devote a significant amount of mental effort to "out of the box" thinking, but the threat of impending death can concentrate the mind wonderfully.   

       Alternatively, while certain drugs like marijuana are believed to enhance creative processes, other drugs, such as cocaine (and possibly caffeine), should encourage stupidity and uncreativity.
pottedstu, Dec 12 2001

       Love it. +
k_sra, Jan 10 2004

       And here I was about to propose selling a small think tank so that you can constantly be thinking out of the box.
theircompetitor, Jan 10 2004

       there's no market for this
dentaclause, Jan 10 2004

       That's using the box, [dentaclause]!
k_sra, Jan 10 2004


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