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I'm ok today

Service to let your friends know you did not survive the night
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I live alone in the country, and I worry that I could have an accident one night at home, and no one would know. My service would send a text each morning to each subscriber. If the subscriber does not respond, then a pre programmed sequence of events take place - Phone call, eventually visit, etc. If I actually expire during the night (or day), the service will notify family and far-flung friends, based on a pre set list which I can update on the internet
senatorjam, Jul 03 2008

Life Alert http://www.lifealert.com/intro.html
Help I've fallen and I can't get up! [mylodon, Jul 05 2008]


       Nice Idea, does it not already exist as a formalised service?
Could be an "Internet Dead Man's Handle"
gnomethang, Jul 03 2008

       While services like this exist for the elderly, there is no reason why a young, fit and healthy person can't fall of a stepladder or trip on a cat and bash their head. Simple, cheap, effective. Could even be rolled into a phone service plan. This really deserves to be Baked as soon as possible. [+]
8th of 7, Jul 03 2008

       I thought there was a service for travellers that did this already.
nineteenthly, Jul 03 2008

       Sounds like a great way to go broke, provided you don't die soon.
simonj, Jul 04 2008

       // I worry that I could have an accident one night at home, and no one would know.//

What a drama queen!

I'm not a big fan of mobile phones but this is exactly the sort of thing that they should be used for. +
DrBob, Jul 04 2008

       have you written about this before, senator - this is so familiar!
po, Jul 04 2008

       Just build motion sensors into the phones. If they aren't moved for a day or so, you get a call to ensure you're still alive.
Bukkakinator, Jul 04 2008

       //Just build motion sensors into the phones// An awful lot have them already - brilliant idea.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2008

       So often I charge my phone, and then forget about it.   

       If I lived in the country, I could be in the forest, chopping down trees and interacting with woodland spirits; meanwhile at home the phone receives a text, gets no response, the police show up, the ambulance, the lawyers... returning home with some logs and a woodland spirit, my new ethereal friend would start, shriek, and disappear in the wind.   

       I'm sure this isn't a critical issue, but how would you deal with it? Say a dryad or a werewolf steals your phone and drops it down a well whilst you are pressing apples, or a house goblin tucks it into a crack in the couch?   

       The phone is immobile and not charging. The phone is immobile and charging. Only if the phone is mobile or within the range of your acidic human scent, can you be realistically ensured that you can text back when necessary.
mylodon, Jul 04 2008

       They have a system similar to this in Japan. The difference of course is you get to send an automatic "I'm OK" message to preselected recipients in the event of a major disaster.
kuupuuluu, Jul 04 2008

       Move to a city.
futurebird, Jul 05 2008


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