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Smiley Face Turn Signal

Might make people more likely to let you into that lane.
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Make your request look friendlier. Could just do it with white tape.

Maybe do comparison test with nothing, then another one with a flipping the bird symbol. I'm thinking the smily face would work best.

Horror face brake lights? Naa.

doctorremulac3, Nov 16 2023

Brain responds to emoticon smile similarly to seeing a real smile https://www.smithso...al-smile-180949732/
[a1, Nov 16 2023]

Turn Signals Are The Facial Expressions Of Automobiles https://www.goodrea...ions_Of_Automobiles
(Donald A Norman, 1992) [hippo, Nov 20 2023]

Angry headlights for angry car owners. https://www.motortr...t-in-your-rearview/
[doctorremulac3, Nov 20 2023]

Headlights that look like this for cars that are boring and dull but get you to work so you can make payments for it. https://www.mysafet...le-sign-s2-0584.png
[doctorremulac3, Nov 20 2023]


       [+] Cute - and there's good science behind it (link).
a1, Nov 16 2023

       I often wondered (not that often) why car indicator signs were not made to look like winking eyes complete with eyelids?
xenzag, Nov 16 2023

       You could have the entire back of the vehicle as a giant colour display screen, showing a close-up (mirrored) view of the driver's face fed from a sun-visor-mounted camera.   

       The driver would wear red-orange coloured contact lenses.   

       To indicate braking, the driver would open their eyes wide in terror. To indicate intent to turn, the driver would wink repeatedly with the eye on the side on which the turn was intended.
pocmloc, Nov 20 2023

       See linked book - which I'm sure I have a copy of somewhere from when I was in that world of HCI and design.
hippo, Nov 20 2023

       No way! LOL. I have mad respect for that author. I'm guessing not a lot of people around him said "Great idea! That'll be a best seller!"   

       But he's got a point, and it does lead to thoughts of putting more human facial characteristics into lights. They already do angry eye headlights for sports cars and happy headlights for little cars.   

       Xenzag's blinking headlamps would fit well into this design ethos.   

       I think all eye configurations have been tried, but I'd like to see super fuel efficient cars with zero fun factor have these headlights in the link.
doctorremulac3, Nov 20 2023


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