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Nature Shower

Inspired by [DrCurry]'s "Meteor Shower"
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I was browsing through some old ideas, and I came across the "Meteor Shower", which I had given a positive vote when it was posted. However, I think that idea unlocked a lot more potential for showers than simply lighting the water.

Basically, this idea adds a natural touch to the shower... a feeling of being outdoors without having to worry about being seen. Let me explain:

The walls would be translucent glass with various lighting installed behind them. I got this idea from some pictures I've seen in stores that look almost like a plasma tv, but it's a still picture, with some parts "moving" (there are color and texture variations in the glass, with moving lights behind it, creating the impression of movement on the screen). LEDs would be embedded in the glass, unlit and unseen during "day mode".

During the "night mode" (you can select which time of day you want to simulate) the LEDs come on. They are arranged in patterns along the walls and cieling, and as time goes by in the shower, some LEDs switch off and others switch on in sequence, mimicking the movement of stars and the changing of constellations in the night sky.

In "day mode", you see a rising (or setting) sun (small to simulate distance, but increasing in size as it rises and decreasing again as it sets) over snow-capped mountains in the distance.

The entire cycle is accompanied by various sound effects (ie, crickets chirping, wolves howling, insects buzzing, creek flowing, etc...).

Let the Nature Shower soothe your mind and body as you escape for a few precious moments from the stress of the daily grind...

(to avoid becoming so absorbed in the shower that you lose track of time in the morning and are late for work, it comes with a built- in timer that you can set for however long you need in the shower, and shuts off automatically. Selecting snooze will send out a call to the [Alarm Clock Swarm], which comes with the deluxe model.)

21 Quest, Oct 16 2006


       This is nice, but who is that masked man behind my shower? +
xandram, Oct 16 2006


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