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Mandelbrot Hunt

Have patience, my friend
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Ahhhh, the Mandelbrot Set, the beauty, the forms, the infinity...

Every place is unique, and every place has a smaller part just like it, with different orientation. Though parts look similar, they are all different. A picture of part of the set is to be taken, and hosted with a link. The aim of the game it to find where the picture was taken. Due to it's fractal nature, this will be hard. But to the winner goes many croissants and the good feeling that you are smarter than everyone else.

A winning image must have the same orientation, and form. BE WARNED, the colors in the set change every time, due to them being random.

The point is to not find the EXACT spot, but one like it, recognizable as the same part. The Mandelbrot has several different parts which iterate and look exactly alike. The object is to find a part that matches the clue image.

The zoom in isnt too far, and is recognizable to extrapolation.

I found this applet [link] that we could use for this game, as it has zoom capability, and color.

People with high patience and mathematical people may find the target.

DesertFox, Jan 04 2006

Mandelbrot Applet http://javaboutique.internet.com/Mandel/
[DesertFox, Jan 04 2006]

The first target http://img273.image.../4095/mysefg3nz.png
Its in the top right quadrant of the top left quadrant. [DesertFox, Jan 04 2006]

I think this is what I have been playing with over the last few years. http://www.resultsa...ractal_programs.htm
[po, Jan 04 2006]


       I see Waldo! Oh, wait a moment...
DrCurry, Jan 04 2006

       groovy. +   

       the link explains the idea very well.
rainbow, Jan 04 2006

       much later....   

       ahhh! this is nuts! i see fractals when i close my eyes.   

       is there a way to work it out?
rainbow, Jan 04 2006


       Yeah. Study the clue image. Find an area that looks like it. It will have other areas just like it, if you zoom in. Except rotated.   

       Hunt around for a suitable image, then zoom in to find part with a correct rotation!   

       Hint, it looks like Italy, horizontaly mirrored.
DesertFox, Jan 04 2006

       How about a crazy jigsaw?
Ling, Jan 04 2006

       The problem here is that..... ohmygod just seen your links. You're actually proposing we try searching for a particular point in an infinite and largely self-similar fractal? I might play this for a few minutes due to my long-standing obsession with fractals, but my hopes aren't high. [+]
wagster, Jan 04 2006

       Also, because the set is infinite, surely any image taken from the set will be repeated an infinite number of times within the set?
hippo, Jan 04 2006

       i think i found it. is that even possible? do the colours have to match?
rainbow, Jan 04 2006

       Well, post a link if you've found it. Colors dont matter.   

       PS, use the self similarity to get a good idea of where it is.   


       //The point is not to find the exact spot, just one with similar orientation and form.//
DesertFox, Jan 04 2006

       It gets pretty lores when you get close in. I do not think it is regenerating the fractal, just zooming in on a very large fixed image.
bungston, Jan 04 2006

       yes, you can go to the pixels. isn't that what it is supposed to be? maths not my strongpoint.
rainbow, Jan 04 2006


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