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Low Cost, Low Effort Easter

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Don't want to shell out cash on dye? Aren't really good at hiding?

Blindfold your children before sending them on a hunt around the yard and hide the eggs in plain sight. Seeing as how your children are now deprived of plain sight, this will be a challenging adventure for the whole family. And since the kids can't see the eggs, they won't be disappointed by their plain white color.

notmarkflynn, Jan 04 2006


       hey, its January!   

       bloody hell, he'll be hanging the tinsel before June...   

       gimme fecking daffodil ideas please.
po, Jan 04 2006

       Alternate solution: don't actually hide anything. They'll be looking all day.
Worldgineer, Jan 04 2006

       Better yet, let them start looking, *then* hide the eggs. In places they've already looked.
phundug, Jan 04 2006

       I won't be hanging tinsel in June, as I celebrate every holiday all year round, so I don't miss any. The Chritmas tree is always up, I have a variety of rotten eggs around the house that I can never find, I sleep in a Halloween costume instead of pajamas and give myself candy when I wake up, and have a feast for Saint Stephen every dinner. My house is illuminated with menorahs and kwanzaa candelabras, and I have Thanksgiving promptly at two everyday. Then Tet and the Chinese New Year.
notmarkflynn, Jan 04 2006

       + fecking nutter   

       I think we should invent some holidays for the boy!
po, Jan 04 2006

       most kids i know would take the blindfold off pretty quickly. who even hides actually bird eggs anymore?
rainbow, Jan 04 2006

       //low cost, low effort// beyond that whatever... peace will come when the lazy inherit the earth. [+]
Zuzu, Jan 05 2006

       cute, but will the children never be allowed to remove the blindfolds? /they won't be disappointed by their plain white color/ and then when they do....... were you too lazy to boil them, too? they might throw them at you.
xandram, Jan 05 2006


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