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Modem Doorbell

Doorbell plays "Modem Tone"
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We've all heard quite a few annoying doorbell sounds, like the La-cucuracha and that famous Simpsons episode "Why Do birds Suddenly appear"? Why not have a doorbell that plays the well known Modem connecting tones?
Qualiall, Dec 04 2000

Yaysoft http://www.yaysoft.com
Cool website that has nothing to do with doorbells [Qualiall, Dec 04 2000]


       If it's someone you don't want to talk to, you can claim later that you couldn't hear the doorbell over the screeching modem.
redshift9, Dec 04 2000

       I saw an article about a year ago about a bloke in Finland who had his doorbell and intercom wired up to a mobile phone (don't ask me how, I have difficulty with understanding how to turn my alarm off in the morning). Whenever he was out of the house he could talk to any visitors no matter where he was in the world.
DrBob, Dec 04 2000

       Hmmm. I bet he had difficulty convincing some of them he wasn't in.
Lemon, Dec 04 2000

       If you build it [then] a pox on you and on all your house, though I have to give you credit for a brilliantly annoying idea. If you had concieved George W. or the Back Street Boys you could not have done any better.
Dolophine, Dec 07 2000

       Works well with the phone that rings like a doorbell.
PotatoStew, Dec 07 2000


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