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knock-knock doorbell

door bell that makes the sound of a door knocker
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when you press the doorbell button, it emits the sound of a door knocker.

there can be an electronic repertoire of different knocking sounds and on different doors for selection or you can record your own.

barkinghugh, Jul 11 2003


       what do you call those wooden things that the police use to break down doors? that noise would wake you up late in the evening after watching crime-stoppers.
po, Jul 11 2003

       Or, apropos your nom de guerre, a barking doorbell.
DrCurry, Jul 11 2003

       Who's there ?
skinflaps, Jul 11 2003

       Doorbell who?
krelnik, Jul 11 2003

       Knockers are good. I like'm.   

       ...Doorbell's broken.
thumbwax, Jul 12 2003

       [2 fries], put that dingdong away...
RayfordSteele, Jul 12 2003


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