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Knock knock

remote control door bell/knocker
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Y'now those times when you wish the door would just open when you got to it .Well if you could ring the bell before you got to it ,with a remote controll door bell, then you'd be cured
gizmo, Apr 10 2002

One solution for [gizmo] http://bz.pair.com/fun/loo.html
34Kb image [bristolz, Apr 12 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Who's there?
thumbwax, Apr 10 2002

calum, Apr 10 2002

       Dunup, who?
runforrestrun, Apr 10 2002

gizmo, Apr 10 2002

       Do you mean one's own door, or a door of someone else's abode?
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2002

       My own, someone else's, both, I think, maybe...
gizmo, Apr 10 2002

       Remote control door locks are baked, but I don't think that's what you mean.   

       I'm still not clear. You want to be able to ring a doorbell before you get to it? Any doorbell? If you're walking along pressing the button, people's doorbells would be going off?
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2002

       Oh for crying out loud waugs, read the idea, it's all right there. What do I have to do, anyway . . . draw you a picture?
bristolz, Apr 10 2002

       Hmm, "chappy-door-run" made simple.
mcscotland, Apr 10 2002

       I vote for bris to draw a picture ;-)   

       giz, why would you ring your own doorbell? What you need is a automatic door opener for your home like an automatic garage door opener. For other people's doors....well, not a good idea here....to much abuse would be possible (like driving down the road pushing a button and ringing all the doorbells in the neighborhood)
runforrestrun, Apr 10 2002

       relocate the door bell button to a post or something on the walkway aproaching the house. problem fixed, make it a big button you can hit with you hip when your arms are full.
rbl, Apr 10 2002

       Doesn't seem worth the few seconds it would take for someone to come and open the door. Patience is a virtue, and waiting at a door takes very little of it.
Delcan, Apr 11 2002

       . . . unless you are carrying heavily laden bags of groceries with the handles cutting into the skin on your fingers. At that point, seconds count and patience be damned.
bristolz, Apr 11 2002

       Seems to me each of these ideas is somewhat baked in its own way. We already have remote doorbells, remote garage door openers, remote door locks, automatic door openers, comfortable plastic handle thingies for carrying grocery bags (or better yet, re-useable canvas grocery bags with large loop handles that fit over the shoulder). And if you want your neighbour/friend to already have the door open when you drop by for a visit, simply phone them before you get there. Where's PeterSealy when you really need him? Baked, baked, baked!
Canuck, Apr 11 2002

       // What do I have to do, anyway . . . draw you a picture? //   

       I don't understand! I'm so confused!   

       I think a remote door opener activated by a biting motion would be useful. For when you have your hands full...
waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002

       Just get a cell phone and ring them up a minute before you get to the door.
mrthingy, Apr 12 2002

       OK, I have it! Hands free voice activated cell phone combined with a) an interface in your house that allows you to dial in and open the door by voice command and b)a hydraulic door mechanism.   

       Or, just maybe, don't try to carry so much?
rbl, Apr 12 2002

       "Chappy-door-run"? Is that what you call it?
stupop, Apr 12 2002

       'Knock a Door Run' we call it. I only came up with the idea because I had been playing footie at the Park (avoiding all the dog poo) I was bursting for the loo, I knocked on the door ('cos I don't have a key), but my Mum took ages to answer because she was on the telephone. I just thought if I could knock on the door when I left the park, my mum would have answered it and by the time I got home the door would be open. Maybe a battery operated knock activator carried in my pocket (or sock) which I could press at a good distance from the house would alert my Mum to open the door.
gizmo, Apr 12 2002

       you need a key gizmo, you live there after all!
po, Apr 12 2002

       Aye stupop. Almost as much fun as petty vandalism.
mcscotland, Apr 12 2002

       gizmo at the park: <activates "knock knock" device.   

       gizmo mum (not yet on the phone): "Is someone there?" <opens door> "Hello...hello...is anyone there?" <closes door>.   

       gizmo: <reaches door, knocks real loud>   

       gizmo mum (now on the phone): "No, Elinor, I don't know what it is, it sounds just like someone knocking on the door, but when I open the door, there's no one there! I s'pose I'll have the handyman 'round tomorrow to take a look at it. So your sister Louise is laid up with the bursitis, is she now?..."
beauxeault, Apr 12 2002

       Many thanks Bris for the wonderful picture.
gizmo, Apr 13 2002

       Solution: Instead of a normal front door just have an automatic garage door. Push the button and voila.
Graciem, Apr 14 2002

       "chappy door run" is a lot more PC than the American name for it...
AfroAssault, Apr 14 2002

       Yeah, among other things.
AfroAssault, Apr 15 2002

       You mean a cell phone?
omegatron, Jul 31 2005


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