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Inflatable Mattress-Tent Combo

Inflatable Tent with Built-in Inflatable Mattress
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Inflatable mattress covered by inflatable double-walled Tent would be single integrated unit, large enough for 1 person. Mattress & Tent would have oblong shape, with zippable door at one end. Entire structure could be inflated using portable air pump. Could be used as portable emergency shelter by person caught in bad weather, or for camping. Zippered door flap would open upwards to become an awning. Multiple tents could also be anchored together in radial spoke pattern around central hearth.
sanman, Dec 25 2021

Inflatable Double Wall Dome https://i.pinimg.co...1c9e2465b01a066.jpg
imagine something more oblong/capsule-shaped and with a mattress [sanman, Dec 25 2021]


       Good idea, except //using portable bicycle pump//.
Too slow; use a double-acting upright pump (bigger & a bit less portable, but your arms will thank you).
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 25 2021

       P.S. Your tent may or may not be a flotation device.   

       Yeah, I'd originally thought of calling it an inflatable raft tent, but I thought most people wouldn't be as happy floating on the water while being asleep. The instant shelter idea appealed to me more.
sanman, Dec 25 2021

       @neutrinos shadow: okay, edited to just say "portable air pump" (there are a lot of possibilities there)
sanman, Dec 25 2021

       Does it come with an instacamp air cartridge, pull tab hot food pack, and 1 kiloton instant tree clearance device?
Voice, Dec 25 2021

       @a1: Rhino Wolf is not inflatable, and not double-walled. It shows a tiny little inflatable pad, which is hardly comparable to a mattress. The tent is just a regular tent, and not even an inflatable tent, much less double-walled. It is not oblong or capsule-shaped. It has no awning. I don't see any other product out on the market like what I'm suggesting. My radial anchor thing would not look like theirs, and would probably be a separate inflatable hub-like attachment that's more flame- proof/heat-resistant to accommodate a heat source like a campfire or wood stove.
sanman, Dec 25 2021

       @a1: there's nothing that's an integrated unit, or that has an inflatable double-wall structure. Look at the link I posted.
sanman, Dec 25 2021

       + I like it. The Rhinowolf does not look like it has a mattress attached…
xandram, Dec 26 2021

       As per the link I'd posted, the outer wall of the double wall should be clear/transparent while the inner wall of the double wall should be black. This would permit a greenhouse heating effect to help warm the interior of the tent during daytime.   

       Perhaps a larger more camping-friendly version of this tent could be igloo/dome-shaped (See link). The mattress would then only cover part of the floor, leaving some interior walking space. That would also allow space to put a portable wood stove. A small port could be openable in the ceiling for the stovepipe. On the wall opposite to the bed (ie. facing it) the inner wall would be clear/transparent like the outer wall, providing a window for occupants to enjoy the exterior view while camping. An interior drape/blind could be attached to cover the window for privacy, and would also be white to double as a possible movie projection screen.
sanman, Dec 26 2021


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