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Disposable teeth

To stop having to clean false teeth in jars
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If people who had false teeth had a multipack of disposable teeth it would save them having to leave them in jars. They could also be made in party packs, teeth in different colours to match the occasion.
gizmo, Jan 02 2002


       [gizmo] You're too young to be thinking disposably. It's going to be your world one day. Do you really want to be tripping over other people's thrown away teeth?
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       Wasn't there some rumour that Washington wore wooden dentures? Could they be mass produced and perhaps even recycled?
mighty_cheese, Jan 02 2002

       Or remanufactured (bleah)
thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

       Yeah, like, say, a piconetwork! And, what to call it . . .
bristolz, Jan 02 2002

       obligatory - blue tooth - oh don't yawn, I can't win today
po, Jan 02 2002

       Yeah, and you missed toothpic-o-net.
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       Why the heck would teeth need to communicate with each other? What could they possibly have to say?   

       "Hey, bicuspid, watch out for that piece of roast beef. It's all gristle!"   

       "What's the big idea with you guys up front?! You've bitten off more than we can chew back here!"   

       And who is this bleah person thumbwax is talking to? Does bleah remanufacture false teeth? I'm really very confused today. I have to go now.
Canuck, Jan 04 2002

       bleah is the sound one makes while bleahing
thumbwax, Jan 04 2002

       You'd've loved a guy that I saw in a market in Jaipur, 'wax. Big blanket spread out on the side of the road with a whole selection of teeth (used) to choose from. You may now 'bleah' again!
DrBob, Jan 04 2002

thumbwax, Jan 04 2002

gizmo, Jan 04 2002

       Maybe not a new idea but with micro technology lets imbed cell phones in false teeth or implants eh? Jaw bone will transmit sounds to ear and obviously the teeth can pick up the conversation. Makes for a "messy" conversation if you are eating at the same time but....
Rocky, Jan 04 2002

       Are we talking about disposable teeth or disposable dentures? The real problem with disposible dentures is that you would have to have the replacement set custom fit to your mouth. However, if you had a form fitted denture base, you could insert in replacable teeth as you needed them (or snap in festive or theme teeth throughout the year). However, this would still probably require some kind of cleaning.
RobGraham, Jan 04 2002

       good idea. can you get them in singles?   

       my dentist has disposable teeth and some of them were once mine.   

       unlike the toothfairy he didn't leave me any money for them. He just didn't leave me any money.
notripe, Jan 04 2002

       On behalf of the Chilean Navy, by proxy, I welcome this idea. All inductees (ha--there's that '-ee' suffix again!) must have their teeth removed before active duty on the high seas. Reason--so as to eliminate any problems dealing with a sailor having problems with, say, an impacted tooth whilst far out to sea.
entremanure, Jan 06 2002

jutta, Jan 07 2002

       The only reference to entremanure's assertion I can find is, erm, this page (google for "chilean navy teeth", and this is #1. Jutta should be so proud.). (Checked google, snopes, straight dope.) Maybe if you said the Paraguayan navy, we'd believe you.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002

       'Maybe if you said the Paraguayan navy, we'd believe you.'
Nope, I wouldn't have believed him whichever Navy he'd said.
angel, Jan 07 2002

       entramanure has clearly mis-interpreted the Regulaciones Maritimo de Chile which state that each sailor "must, upon signing up, have any or all of the following surgical procedures performed upon his person...
i) removal of all front teeth, ii) amputation of a) one hand (owners choice) or b) one leg (random choice), iii) removal of one eye."

The 'Regulaciones' (which make a fascinating read I might say) go on to say that "any amputated hand should be replaced with a standard issue hook and that a wooden replacement shall be provided for any amputated leg". The Chilean Navy is also unique in that it's sailors have no single uniform, instead they are allowed to choose from a wide variety of loud shirts and torn or cut-off trousers. Sailors are also allowed to wear jewellery. The gaudier the better.

It is, of course, a myth that they have to have a parrot as well. In fact the Regulaciones state that there MAY be "1 pet per man (parrots preferred)".
DrBob, Jan 07 2002

       Does anyone else here not believe a bloody word of that?
angel, Jan 07 2002

       angel: I stand corrected. Apparently despite being landlocked, Paraguay has 19 boats and 3700 men, around 3700 more than I thought. And I would guess in excess of 75000 teeth.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002


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