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Inflatable cup holder

Adjusts to the diameter of the cup
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A doughnut-shaped bladder with a pump and release valve like those found on some sneakers. I'm thinking it would need to be built into the cup holder itself for traction, but a retrofit version might be worth toying with.

Note that this would be suitable for both built-in cup holders as well as the add-on, hang-from-the-window type.

phoenix, Mar 08 2002

Inflatable Beverage Mug http://www.halfbake...le_20Beverage_20Mug
For holding an inflatable cup? [waugsqueke, Jun 03 2002]


       I just love inflatables.
quarterbaker, Mar 08 2002

       Neat - Kills two birds (the birds of insulation and cup-grip that is) with one lightly tossed stone.
stupop, Mar 08 2002

       Portable, stand alone unit (in addition to built-ins and hang-from-the-doors), so I can take my beer swimming.
quarterbaker, Mar 08 2002

       My mother-in-law and I have been talking about this for some time. We envisioned it as sort of 'v' shaped with a weighted bottom with sand a la the slightly demonic clown bop-em's. We even had a name for it, the crotch catcher - because nothing holds your drinks like your crotch.
barnzenen, Jun 03 2002

       I'd buy this. (Owner of car with cupholders the size of saturn's rings, so useless).
drew, Jun 03 2002

       I have no cup holder at all (sob) Only an ashtray and I don't smoke.... why not a cupholder replacement to go where the ashtray goes.That would be. better than nothing
lindylou, Aug 31 2002

       I like the cup holders that squeeze the cup as a result of the pressure on the bottom of the cup holder.... same concept i guesss.
The Dude, Dec 11 2002


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