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InstaFreeze Bed

Because beds are just too comfortable these days...
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Everyone knows the routine...its 6:30 am. It's dark outside, and because you stayed up until 12 last night watching late-night tv, you can't get up. You fumble over and hit the SNOOZE button, or even worse, hitting the alarm switch and go back to sleep. You wake up at 7:40, and you have a business meeting in another county at 8:30. How can you stop it?

With the new InstaFreeze Bed! When your alarm goes off in the morning, it triggers a water cooling pump that pumps ice cold water through your sheets and mattress, immediatley cooling it to a less-than-comfortable temperature for sleeping. Instantly gets you up and ready to start the day, without any second thoughts about going back to bed.

BinaryCookies, Aug 01 2002

WarmiRest Bed by watermelancholy also posted today http://www.halfbake...dea/WarmiRest_20Bed
combine the features of these two beds and it might just sell everywhere [runforrestrun, Aug 02 2002]


       Kookly idea. Gives me some ideas for a whole new brand of pranks. I could also use my bed as a refrigerator. Mmm...
polartomato, Aug 02 2002

       "Well I'm not sure, lieutenant. It looks like he's reaching for the off-switch to this contraption that turned him into a block of ice."
FarmerJohn, Aug 02 2002

       I bet I could sense the coolness as it starts, leap out of bed, turn it off, and be back in bed asleep before the temperature's dropped a degree.
pottedstu, Aug 02 2002

       (previously mentioned) In a short story about a futuristic house, Arthur C. Clarke writes of a wake alarm system that raises the temperature of the bedroom to uncomfortable levels, thus waking the user.
waugsqueke, Aug 02 2002

       Baked, redundant, whatever. My wife's feet (yes, even in the summer)...
TwoSheds, Aug 02 2002

       It's just cold enough to make the bed uncomfortable to sleep in. It's not going to turn [blissmiss]'s cat into an ice cube.
BinaryCookies, Aug 02 2002

       You mean brrrrr. I didn't get much sleep the night the thermostat to my waterbed's heater was on the blink. Reminds me of a joke they tell around here about a Norwegian who stood in front of the car to check the turn signal lights, "Working, not working, working, not working,..."
FarmerJohn, Aug 02 2002

       i thought this was going to be the reverse of the WarmiRest Bed....a bed that keeps those of you (and you know who you are) who live in warm, tropical climates cool at night.... (see link)
runforrestrun, Aug 02 2002


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