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Please wake me up...

An alarm app for smartphones and tablets
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This is a simple alarm app with a unique function... after 3 snoozes, or a few minutes of alarm activity with no response, it sends a pre-configured text message to pre-selected contacts saying something along the lines of "It appears I've slept through my alarm, would you be so kind as to wake me up?"
21 Quest, Oct 27 2011

The antithesis of this idea... http://www.halfbake..._20let_20me_20sleep
[normzone, Oct 27 2011]

Related concept: Alica Wang's tyrant alarm clock http://joshspear.co...g-sleep-inventions/
"steals your mobile phone and makes random calls every three minutes until you get up." [jutta, Nov 07 2011]

Close, but no cigar https://market.andr...HRBbGFybUxpdGUiXQ..
This seems pretty close, but it's more of an office assistant kind of thing than a sleep alarm. My idea is an app that is a full-featured alarm, with texting as an add-on snooze function. [21 Quest, Nov 08 2011]

Somebody did it! http://www.wakie.com
My idea has made it to the real world, although with no credit given to me... [21 Quest, Jan 10 2015]


       The Good Fairy Jenny has already loaded my iPad with a number of ingeniously annoying wake-up apps. This one would spread the misery to my friends and relatives, which, naturally, I approve of. I already have somebody in mind. In fact, if this app becomes available, I may start deliberately oversleeping.
Alterother, Oct 27 2011

       // my friends and relatives, which, naturally, I approve of// Well, it's natural to approve of your friends, but if you approve of your relatives you're a lucky man.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2011

       syntax error >>> redo from start (!!!)
Alterother, Oct 27 2011

       Nonono, the syntax error was Maxwell's. For his interpretation to be accurate, you would have to have said "who, naturally, I approve of."
21 Quest, Oct 28 2011

       I know, I just can't resist a good Discworld reference.
Alterother, Oct 28 2011

       Ah... I am not familiar with Discworld.
21 Quest, Oct 28 2011

       shame on you!
po, Oct 28 2011

       You have some reading to catch up on.
normzone, Jan 11 2015

       [21Q], you should email wakie.com. Not that it'll do you any good, but they might at least say "hi" and be gracious.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 11 2015

       I may try, using Google's App Inventor, creating a demo alarm app along these lines. I would have it respond to an excessive delay in my shutting off an alarm by selecting any "co-worker" from my contacts and text them a notification of my death.

       I would probably want to disable this app if/when I actually succeed in landing a job.
lurch, Jan 11 2015

       If all your friends were also asleep, would the 'wake-up' message cascade to their friends?
hippo, Jan 12 2015

       I really like that cascade function idea.
21 Quest, Jan 12 2015


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