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Wake-Assure Alarm Clock

Ensures that you wake up on time, every time
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I know that many people have a problem with their alarm clock in that as soon as it buzzes they turn it off while still half asleep. Two hours later, they realize that they've missed their appointment.

I suggest having the "Alarm Off" button be a seperate simple device plugged into the socket in the bathroom or across the room. When your alarm starts buzzing, you must walk to the bathroom (or wherever you chose to place the OFF) and by that time you are sure to be awake.

Additional features could be having a "maximum snoozes" setting where after 2 snoozes you have to get up and turn off the alarm. The remote unit would use cheap wireless technology like that used in toy walkie-talkies. Cheap and effective in getting you up in the morning!

thebigo195, Feb 02 2006

No, no, you've got it all wrong - Please_2c_20just_20let_20me_20sleep
THIS is the way it should go :-) [normzone, Feb 02 2006]




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