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alarm clock shower

An alarm clock that can only be reset by standing under the shower
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Like many people now, I work freelance from home and every morning I have to motivate myself to get up before lunch. I can't sack myself if I'm late for work so I need some kind of extreme alarm clock.

It's very simple. You set the clock for the usual, overly-optimistic 8.00am but instead of hitting "off" or more than likely "snooze" the alarm can only switched off via a pressure pad in the bathroom directly under the shower. The pressure pad only responds to the weight of an adult human and if the shower doesn't run for at least five continuous minutes the alarm immediately sets itself off again.

After five minutes under a shower I just can't get back in bed.

sirdavy, Aug 05 2004


       Decent idea... I'm not sure that the very first thing I want to do in the morning is run to the shower though. And I'm having difficulties feeling sorry for your "problem" of getting up at the un-godly hour of 8am, but I'll bun it anyhow.
luecke, Aug 05 2004

       //overly-optimistic 8.// Blimey! At 8 am, I'm sitting, quasi comatose sliding, facing backward at the receding wet countryside, into the halfway shithouse that is Falkirk. Jealousy aside, good idea, if you've not got thin walls.
calum, Aug 05 2004

       sleep in the shower, thats what I'd do.
etherman, Aug 05 2004

       ha ha ha. How about having it turn off with the coffee pot?
energy guy, Aug 05 2004

       Good idea...this will also force stinky people to shower every morning before leaving the house. Though I must say I like energy guy's idea with the coffee pot, too. Hey, there must be some way to rig the coffee pot to go on when the shower turns on.
Machiavelli, Aug 05 2004


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