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Video-link to office alarm clock

"Thantox? Is that you? Better get in real soon - the Japs'll be here any minute."
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After you've defeated your half-baked alarm clocks, and gone back to bed again - this failsafe goes online - to the office. Various camera angles and sweeps, including yours and colleagues desks, boss's car park space, key word (your name) phone tap searches.

Active and/or passive modes available. At 09:58, for example, video system activates passive mode upon detecting your slightest alpha wave shifts as the first slight "something's not quite right" neurons start to arrive. First the sounds of the office. Then the conspiracy theory. Then the thunderbolt. You are now looking at your eempty desk. Then your colleague.

"Thantox? Is that you? Been trying to call you the last hour. How could you forget about Mr Fuji? He's not a happy bunny - better get rid of that hard-on and get here real fast."

thantox, Apr 06 2001


       If you add a video delay equal to your normal drive-time to work, your pals, on discovering you're late, can watch the whole performance of you being too late to get in and stop them. Better still, if you add a video advance, then you could see the consequences of not getting up, while there is still time to get there <g>
sra, May 17 2001


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