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Instant Beer

Because beer is mostly water
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Small packet with concentrated beer and alcohol. Just add carbonated water.

I was pouring myself some fizzy water from my water spritzer, when I realized how easy it would be to store and ship beer if all you were storing was a little packet.

Worldgineer, Sep 30 2008

[Pop-up alert] I'm not gonna try it, you try it. http://www.allbusin...tores/720490-1.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 30 2008]

Instant Reconstitutable Alcoholic Beverages, 1988 http://www.wipo.int...003642&DISPLAY=DESC
This is for a powder form, but addresses the separation into volatile and non-volatile components. [jutta, Sep 30 2008]

Halfbakery: The strongest beer ever The_20strongest_20beer_20ever
Previous discussions about beer concentrates. [jutta, Sep 30 2008]

Powdered Wine http://www.trekking...enkepulver_547.html
They also have canned cheeseburgers, for the ultimate romantic meal. [mylodon, Oct 02 2008]


       You're not going to believe this but...   

       gimme a sec.
ok [link]

       Great link. Premium beer? That can't be bad. Right?   

       See I was thinking something like Instant Budweiser: start with beer, then add water.
Worldgineer, Sep 30 2008

       Just drink the water - tastes prettu much the same, except pehaps it lacks the heady tang of equine urine.   

       Big (industrial) brewers have been working on the technology of "post-mix" beer for some years, with varying degrees of success. Here's hoping for their complete and utter failure....
8th of 7, Sep 30 2008

       Good point. If anyone actually likes beer well enough to work in a brewery, would they truly *want* to succeed in making beer-powder?
lurch, Sep 30 2008

       Think of the marketing opportunities here. Instead of a keg, you'd have one more option at the soda machine.
Worldgineer, Sep 30 2008

       //See I was thinking something like Instant Budweiser: start with beer, then add water//
I gotcha problem RIGHT there, Bud!
gnomethang, Sep 30 2008


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