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Road beer

Road trips are good; home-brewing is good. Combined they're even better!
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Drain all that nasty ethanol out of the radiator and fill it with water, crushed malt, and hops. Drive to and from a specific destination (say, Newcastle) noting the time of boil. Upon returning to your own driveway, lovingly drain your radiator. When cool, pitch the yeast and cover. Allow to mature, bottle and refrigerate as usual. Serve to your pals as Newcastle-And-Back Ale.

Try different destinations. Liverpool may yield a bit more body. The time of boil won't be the only variable here; terrain will also influence your finished beer. (Figure on a 10% increase in distance over the flat compared to a mountain run.) Seasons should have minor impact assuming your thermostat is functioning properly.

Please, let's not get any silly ideas about combining this with your normal calls pushing buttons and zippers in your three-county sales area. Brewing is an act of love, not to be tainted by the crass.

On the other hand, you could keep an eye out for either small mammals or birds along the wayside, to serve as a supremely authentic side dish. (But avoid stopping early since the steady buildup of heat is crucial to a successful brew session. Just jot down their locations and pick 'em up on the way back.)

ertdfgcvb, Aug 06 2003

(?) Manifold Destiny: The One! the Only... etc. http://www.sofitwar...ing/0375751408.html
Ok, it's times and speeds, not distances and speeds. [DRstrathmore, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Uhh, if you've been putting ethanol into your radiator I think lack of beer is not your greatest problem...
DeathNinja, Aug 06 2003

       I can't believe this isn't doing better. Good first post, [complicated name person]. +
snarfyguy, Aug 06 2003

       Thanks, Snarfyguy. My name might be complicated but it is oh so easy to type!
ertdfgcvb, Aug 06 2003

       There's a book called "Manifold Destiny" about cooking on your car engine. Cooking times/temperatures were given in distances and speeds respectively, from what I remember.
DRstrathmore, Aug 06 2003

       Or add a little additional metal jug over the engine; it might gain in taste what it lost in engine juice..
cloudface, Apr 24 2005

       My only concern would be really hot days. Would the coolant effect be as great?
vincevincevince, Oct 01 2007


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