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One step brewery

Make any beer easy.
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Imagine a machine in the liking of an espresso machine- the thing is that you have on this machine different compartments that you open and add raw materials, that automaticaly brews, ages, stores and chills beer.

should have a little monitor, the size of a palm to have a diagram of the process and a clock to tell wou when your beer will be ready, and options on preparing and target taste- Is it a lager or an ale? do you want the materials roasted? how much do you need to let it rest before cooling? the monitor should tell you what your beer is going to taste like with your setup.

Might be able to brew and store different beers continously, all you have to do is empty the containers to make new fresh beer.

so, you just get home from the supermarket, add materials to the brewery for your reunion that night, or the next day...

coconut-chocolate beer? You bet. Hazelnut grape ale? Hm. Or just the beer you always wanted to drink- you put the materials and creativity.

noyola, May 20 2009




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