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Perpetual Beer Machine

No more pesky trips to the liquor store
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How about a machine that you dump ingredients into once a month or so, and then like a bread machine or those pet food dispensers, it will constantly brew fresh beer for you. Would also work for liquor, coffee, tea, Hawaiian Punch, etc.
weenween, Feb 12 2001


       also, i hear that home brewing kits have a habit of (a) making your whole house stink of beer and (b) exploding.
macm, Feb 12 2001

       Umm....Where do you get your ingredients?   

       I ask because you do have a perpetual Hawaiian Punch machine as you describe, if you have an empty container.   

       Home brew kits where you do nothing more than dump in ingredients and pour out beer a month later ("Beer in a Bag") tend to make really poor beer. Proper home brewing involves a lot more work than going to the store. The smell of cooking homebrew does fill the house, but it is not the 'stink' you might imagine (stale beer smell of a bar) , instead it is quite appealing. Every once in a while you do get a few beer grenades, but the risk is well worth it.
blahginger, Feb 12 2001

       But then you still have those "pesky trips" to the store to buy the ingredients....and then you have to measure them...and turn the machine on...and if it breaks down, you'll just have to start buying "pre-made" beer again. Seems like an awful lot of trouble for something that tastes so bad in the first place.
Susen, Feb 12 2001

       Actaully, making the beer isn't a problem, bottling it is. After sterilizing everything in the house and then spilling a few gallons of beer on the floor while filling bottles, its enough to make you want to drink cheap american beer. Better to drink it fresh right out of the carboy but that would be a cry for help, now wouldn't it?
RobGraham, Feb 12 2001

       What's a carboy?
Gordon Comstock, Feb 12 2001

       There is currently no such thing as a robotic beer maker; that is what I percieve the product of this baked/2 idea. Something with hoppers (barley hoppers, hop-hoppers, etc), that would automatically feed in the proper amount of supplies at the required rate.   

       You simply program what kind and how much you want a few weeks in advance.
dean, Feb 13 2001


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