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Walls have beers

Beer bricks
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The biggest problem with home-brew systems is the space they take up, and the fact that wives can easily remove them from those spaces. Therefore, new-build houses could have the necessary fermentation vessels integrated within the very bricks which make up the wall. Fully integrated, with direct connections to the electricity and water supply, a single supply hatch accepts ready-built beer-mix cannisters. Preferably, the cannisters would have the outward appearance of a section of wall, such that when in place the entire system disappears.

The output of the beer brick is, of course, supplied through a third tap at the kitchen sink. A child-proof-cap is supplied as an option.

vincevincevince, Feb 06 2009


       But do the hills have ryes?   

       <obligatory singing> Ninety-nine bottles of beer in the wall...</os>
csea, Feb 06 2009

       I began brewing in a house, with a large patio and backyard. Plenty of room to make and clean up messes, which is pretty much what homebrewing consists of.   

       But now in apartment life, brewing is much harder. Washing, sanitizing and rinsing all needs to be done in the bathtub or shower, which is a pain.   

       I'd like to have one of these systems, but I'm concerned about being able to service it.   

       But, no pain, no grain.
normzone, Feb 07 2009


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