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Kolorless Kool-Aid®

All the taste, none of the stains!
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Kool-Aid® is the drink of choice for my kids, mainly because my wife and I can control the amount of sugar (and the resulting sugar rush).

What I don't like is the purple/red/orange/blue stains that result from every little spill.

So sell a sideline of Kool-Aid® products with all the flavors, but none of the intense colors. Easy to sell to the kids; Every packet can be a "Mystery Flavor"

WanderingKnight, Jul 12 2003

Kool-Aid® Invisible http://www.shopfood...104b6ecb9e7e200c10d
It's kolorless. [nihilo, Jun 20 2006, last modified Jun 22 2006]


       Well, we all know what happened to that colourless cola fad all those years ago.
RoboBust, Jul 12 2003

       How will my nephew dye his hair?
Shz, Jul 12 2003

       Without the color, the illusion of "flavor" goes out the window.
snarfyguy, Jul 12 2003

       + because I don't have kids to blame the stains on. I believe that I would have no trouble telling the difference between grape and strawberry Kool-Aid without the color.   

       I wouldn't go for the "Mystery Flavor" bit though. Some flavors I don't like.
half, Jul 12 2003

       They'll never go for it. Remember these are the people who invented "blue raspberry".
waugsqueke, Jul 13 2003

       Baked. It's called "Invisible Kool-Aid®." [link]
nihilo, Jun 20 2006

       yeah my brother was just telling me how he just bought like 4 jugs this week - I am getting some for my daughters this week end though.... this product leads to another invention though my daughters white shirts that actually stay white
tatmkr, Jun 21 2006


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