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Janus's Hoodie

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Hoodie Coat with a carefully modeled face attached to the outside back of the hood.... this can even be your own.
xenzag, Oct 08 2012

Disturbing text in this link, but this is what i mean. http://gizmodo.com/...-minimum-waterproof
Inflatable doll hoodie [nineteenthly, Oct 14 2012]


       I thought it was gonna be a two-hole hoodie: sent chills down my spine (winter's coming up).
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2012

       There are, rather disturbingly i think, hoodies made of recycled inflatable sex dolls with the face on the back on the hood, so this is sort of baked, and i wish it wasn't really.
nineteenthly, Oct 08 2012

       Tigers like to attack your from behind.   

       This would be particularly helpful in Bengal where I understand the threat from tiger attacks is dramatically reduced by having a cardboard image of a face on the back your head.
PainOCommonSense, Oct 09 2012

       The "eyes" on the back face could contain cameras, & send a feed to your Google Glasses
smendler, Oct 14 2012

       What [PainOCommonSense] said.   

       I like those sex doll hoodies.... I had more of a structured face in mind, perhaps modelled from padded fabric with stitched parts to enhance the detail.
xenzag, Oct 14 2012

       Presumably a sufficiently realistic precursor would have such a face.
nineteenthly, Oct 15 2012

       Re: the deeply disturbing link to the blow up doll hoodie. The guy says:   

       "I customize existing tracksuit tops with parts of the blow-up dolls – the head, the breasts, the vagina, the anus. These dolls are so ugly and vulgar that turning them into something beautiful has become a challenge for me. The doll is a means to convey something else."   

       I'm guessing this is the kind of thing trust fund brats do with their time while the rest of us are out there actually making a living.
doctorremulac3, Oct 18 2012


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