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Ice Bucket Hoodie

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This idea is for those who insist on The Ice Bucket Challenge being a solo effort.

I have seen a number of these on Facebook resulting in quite nasty injuries to the well meaning participants, one of whom ended up with a very painful looking cut to her forehead. She had carefully balanced a heavy bucket of water on an adjacent wall, but instead of tipping out its contents in a controlled way, it knocked her to the ground, and delivered a gash just below the hairline.

So this idea is for those intrepid solo performers.

It's a conventional hoodie garment with two main differences: The actual hoodie part is classic bucket shaped; lined on the inside with waterproof material; has a reinforced base, and on the outside features two strong side handles. You can wear the hoodie to either the front or the back, but the front version makes it easier for a single person to fill it with the required mixture of cold water and ice cubes.

Once filled and positioned in front of the required self activating camera, the Ice Bucket challenger simply grabs both hoodie handles, and pulls the water filled hood over their head, disgorging its contents with the desired effect.

xenzag, Aug 29 2014

Less portable, slightly warmer. attention_20getting...0umbrella_20reverso
[4and20, Aug 29 2014]


       As a something to be worn more than once, a crossover tie-in with link.
4and20, Aug 29 2014

       I knew this was a xenzag idea before I even read the first line. Funny how that works.
blissmiss, Aug 30 2014

       Sorry, I didn't read your idea. Just wanted to ask if you heard of the ice bagpipe challenge?
pashute, Aug 31 2014


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