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Head-slapping Hat Of Behaviour Modification

Keeps you focussed
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A hat, containing two hands, two mechanical arms and some nifty computational capabilities, to keep you on task.

Depending upon the user's preset parameters, the hat may or may not correct behaviours as simple as looking up at the wrong moment or as complex as daydreaming about young Miss Marple in Acc... but I digress.

Upon detection of the reprehensible offence, one of the arms reaches out from under the hat and doffs the apparatus; the other takes a swing of considerable force and clips the wearer over the ear.

The arms then replace the hat upon your pate and rearrange themselves tidily out of sight, upon one's bonce.

Attempts to thwart the device, with such clever contrivances as chinstraps, merely result in the speedy production of a sturdy pair of scissors or oxy torch, to cut said strap.

UnaBubba, Jan 24 2014

Anti-Procrastination Chair Anti-Procrastination Chair
This, in furniture form [Zeuxis, Jan 28 2014]

DOR15 is up to the task... http://www.youtube....watch?v=Opebw8FXOHI
The feared bowler hat from 'Meet the Robinsons.' [RayfordSteele, Jan 29 2014, last modified Jan 31 2014]

Schuhplattler (Bavarian leg slapping).... http://www.youtube....watch?v=IQjx0PBu-jk
....yet another reason to quit the EU. [not_morrison_rm, Jan 30 2014]


       the best part would be if you could connect it to sensors monitoring other people's behaviors that way you could be notified of how irritating they are and put on guard to punish them .
teslaberry, Jan 27 2014

       ^ ah but if you stay on task you get a head massage.
FlyingToaster, Jan 28 2014

       It would be fun to give a hat like this to an unsuspecting wearer.   

       This is a real glimpse at a collective potential dark future. In other terms is this not a very personal disciplinary drone. Governments will love to be in control of this.   

       Could you make this hat angry? What could a hat like this do for the wearer in the evenings?
vfrackis, Jan 28 2014

       The best part is that the hat takes itself off to deliver the slap. [+] The worst part is that such hats might one day be imposed on half-bakers.
pertinax, Jan 29 2014

       I'm sure the arm mechanisms of we halfbakers would simply rust away from non-use...
RayfordSteele, Jan 29 2014

       That's why I left it hanging in mid-air, [21Q].   

       Escher's hat.
UnaBubba, Jan 29 2014

       [Ubie], if you have difficulty implementing or wearing this, I'm pretty sure there'd be people willing to step into the breach.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 29 2014

       If ever I need you to step into the breach I'll be sure to rattle the slop bucket for you, [Max].
UnaBubba, Jan 29 2014

       I think I would quickly adapt and duck. She said.
blissmiss, Jan 29 2014

       Sorry, [21Q], chinstraps were anticipated in the original design.
UnaBubba, Jan 29 2014

       Oxyacetylene scissors.
UnaBubba, Jan 30 2014

       Perhaps one of those twin-bladed, counter-rotating saws? With boart-impregnated, tungsten carbide teeth?
UnaBubba, Jan 30 2014

       Any relation to Schuhplattler (Bavarian leg slapping)? The hat could add another dimension (metaphorically speaking) see video linky if you really must
not_morrison_rm, Jan 30 2014

       Similar, [not]. Spells like overproof spirit.
UnaBubba, Jan 30 2014


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