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Hats Mad

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Once wearing this hat, you may show your anger or distaste when somebody or something pisses you off to the point of burning rage and thus producing bursts of smoke from your ears.

This top hat contains all the components(downsized naturally) and is connected to a small battery pack contained within a holdall strapped to your back underneath a long dark coat which in turn is connected to a hand-held grip switch.

By squeezing the grip switch with either hand, a glycol based fluid is pumped into a small heated chamber.Long pieces of copper capillary tubing snake around between various components and the interior of the top hat.Once the fluid evaporates and the pressure is maxed out, your superheated smoking vapour is forced out through two small pinhole orifices on the brim of the hat just above the ears,thus providing the given effect of smoke jetting from the sides of your head (accompanying red face optional).

Tweak it for occasions to blow smoke rings out of the top, if you so wish.

skinflaps, Dec 08 2005

Stick a hat on his nog http://www.vanguard...ages/steam_ears.jpg
[skinflaps, Dec 09 2005]

Angry Young Man Hat Angry_20Young_20Man_20Hat
What is it with hats and anger? [DrBob, Dec 09 2005]


       A dry-ice powered version would also be useful for looking sinister.
wagster, Dec 09 2005

       I love this idea - suitably, unsuitable. Consider the possibilities of two people, each of whom is wearing one of these, blocking each other's path and refusing to give way, each face trying to "out red" the other, each hat madly trying to "out fume" the other. Most excellent +
xenzag, Dec 09 2005

       You could sell smoke scents as a feature, so that the hat could emit various odors. Squeeze one bulb for a foul stench, anther for a sickeningly sweet fragrance. Giving an olfactory measure to your madness.
ldischler, Dec 09 2005

       By adopting a range of different coloured streams of smoke, you could run around giving the impression of The Red Arrows or any other aerobatic display team.
skinflaps, Dec 09 2005

       And that would be enhanced by spinning the hat, throwing out colored spirals of smoke.
ldischler, Dec 09 2005

       Cool, I like that.
skinflaps, Dec 09 2005

       I could've swore we've done this one before.
RayfordSteele, Dec 10 2005


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