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palm reading for pets

before buying that cuddly pet, have a look at their feet.
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Latest research from Barcelona called dermatoglyphics has been developed which predicts diseases and characteristics in humans by studying the lines on their hands. I propose that this useful tool be studied with a view to helping in the purchase of the family pet.

Lines and markings that scientists already know about are: The brisbane chasm between the toes (often mistaken for athlete’s foot) is associated with a very loud noisy animal who nonetheless is gentle with children. Useful guard dog. The saltlake pattern on the back of the hand often with a hairy outcrop is usually found in totally neurotic animals but would be excellent for seeking out drugs and explosives. The florida fang is a very unusual mark on the wrist area and often combined with enormous dexterous paws. This is an extraordinarily gentle creature with a capacity for great intelligence; may bite when hungry or provoked. The dakota line originates from the centre of the paw and meanders out and around the middle claw; this denotes another gentle intelligent creature – a good pet for the single female looking for companionship and long walks. The northern line tends to be found only in the UK for some reason, this animal is associated with low intelligence and a huge appetite; tends to be lazy – don’t look for a working animal here. Avoid this one at all costs. The connecticut contour, a pretty little pattern, is generally associated with the female animal, that hides its intelligence behind a playful façade. it is very protective of its young but watch out for those claws.

Updates on this research to follow. Comments welcome.

po, Feb 16 2002

bright sparkly page http://www.jonsaintgermain.com/news.htm
linky for dear runf [po, Feb 16 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       well, why not? there are already animal "psychics" so palm readers can't be far behind. My first foster mother was a professional palm reader.   

       //Latest research from Barcelona called dermatoglyphics// Do you have a link?
runforrestrun, Feb 16 2002

       Did she go bananas over you, Rods?
bristolz, Feb 16 2002

       A guy I know works in a monkey genetics lab at the University of Washington where the research head has all the grad students immunotype themselves for fun. They can then see which of them is most closely related to chimpanzees. Some of them are more closely related to chimpanzees (in terms of their genetic code for immune factors only) than they are to their fellow students. It's embarrassing for them but funny.
magrak, Jun 09 2002


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