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Is it a jerrycan... or is it a beer keg?
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When your government scrambles to write laws to keep it's citizens from having a voice by, oh, say, making it illegal to carry fuel in a public place, why just keep all of your beverages in jerrycans so that it becomes impossible to know who is and is not flouting this hastily concocted law.

This is just the latest development in our little parliamentary sit-in, and I thought some of you might get a kick out of it.

They made horn honking illegal too but somehow forgot to write laws about air horns and tubas.

Not an emergency https://mobile.twit...serp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet
[pertinax, Feb 17 2022]

Canada. A picture is worth a thousand words. https://external-pr...309bf5bc8757227f341
Our majority ladies and gentlemen is that red smear at the very bottom. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 20 2022]

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       Whoa... I just figured it out.
<place brain-exploding gif here>


       It's quite literally the one defining human characteristic we all share and can relate to.
Sure we all feel pain, loss, fear... etc... but those things are subject to circumstance.
Humour on the other hand crosses all boundaries. Funny is funny.

       If our governments want to become laughing-stock...   

       ...t'would be a shame not to treat them as such.   

       Just my two cents...
...Oh shit... our government doesn't make cents anymore.

       {budum tsh!}   

       Distinguished Speaker I move that we rename the Freedom Convoy to Small Fringe Minority with unacceptable views which desecrate statues with flag-capes and signs as though their past heroes are still their modern heroes.
All in favour?

       Oh piss off, we're doing it anyway!   

       Sorry guys... I couldn't figure a way to vent without spewing all over everything so I made a little bucket I can clean out later.   

       Do any of you honestly believe that "Canadian" truckers, as a group, camped out for weeks at minus twenty, keep each other up at night with their horns?
Do you really all buy that shite?

       Do you think they actually swarmed past piles of free food and hospitality to freeload off a soup kitchen?   

       Are you fucking people mental?   

       Walking into a group of truckers is roughly like walking into a biker gang...
...except the biker gangs show respect to the truckers because, they are not only more cohesive...

       ...and they show respect to those around them.   

       ...They're real fucking men.   

       Men we are all willing to stand behind.   


       Don't rightly know who I'm asking by saying this but I get the feeling somebody or other is listening.   

       Are you absolutely certain you want to push this any farther?   

       Your call.   

       How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?   


       just made that up, want a nickle every time it's ripped off   

       City Under Siege for weeks! <gasp> Film at eleven... every eleven.   

       Entire World Continuously Under Siege! M'yeah... we'll check back in a couple of years, see if you've all gotten on board yet...   

       ... yeah, well, see... there's yer problem right there.   

       Today, still wanted by the government,
They survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a problem,
If no one else can help,
...and if you can find them...

       Maybe you can hire the Eh-team.   

       How can you even think to question us when everything we do is for ewe?   

       I'll be hear, y'all weak.   

       To run for government one should first learn how to not run from government...   

       Okay I'm going to brush my teeth and go to bed now.   

       For as long as that's still allowed before it somehow becomes offensive in which case I'm going to fucking do it anyway.   

       There is some funny material here, in the haha sense, especially that bit about the eh-team. But what I'm too lazy to work out is: there are something like 7 or more Covid vaccines actively being given around the world. Can they ALL be bad? Who has done the work of comparing them?
4and20, Feb 08 2022

       It's not all bad; it seems that GoFundMe have decided to give the money back, instead of diverting it.   

       Also, I would love to be a fly on the wall at the trial of someone arrested for the offence of giving toilet paper to the truckers. My hunch is that the police probably won't follow through on that threat, for fear of the jury laughing at them.   

       As I have made clear elsewhere, I am in favour of masks and vaccination, but I'm really hoping that your government doesn't overreact to this protest. It's not an apocalypse and, with a little patience, it doesn't have to turn into one.   

       Oh yes, more good news; Trudeau has ruled out using soldiers. So, the money has not been stolen, and civil war is not about to break out. Meanwhile, among the protesters, it seems that a few people have behaved obnoxiously but most have not.   

       I hope the anticlimax is not a disappointment.
pertinax, Feb 08 2022

       I hear that some right wingers in the States went up there to agitate and join them.
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2022

       I've heard that too, and it may be that they're the ones doing things like pulling masks off people, and making threats to counter- protesters.
pertinax, Feb 08 2022

       Trudeau has not "ruled out" using soldiers. He was told that the armed forces do not work for the federal government and is spinning this news to sound magnanimous. The same way he was told by police that dispersing a peaceful protest is not in their job description.
The confederate flag was a plant.
The swastika flag guy got run off by the crowd the second it appeared.
Nobody is pulling masks off of people.
Nobody is making threats to counter-protesters.

       These are Canadian Truck drivers and families guys. They are demanding their rights back, not taking rights from others.   

       Business owners in Ottawa tweeting about never being busier and how the truckers clean their bathrooms and keep their snow shovelled don't seem to make it on the "news".   

       We all get a good laugh at the "news" here.   

       "These violent and unruly people have barbeques Phill and open wood fires! We saw a pizza oven earlier! For God sake there are children playing connect four and building igloos!!! Will the madness never end?! "   

       But you have to understand that this is Canada. That is considered violent behavior. They didn't even put the toilet paper on the correct way.   

Today, still wanted by the parking authorities in 7 cities,
They survive as bush mail deliverers.
If you have a problem, well, really just a mild inconvenience,
If no one else really want to be arsed to help,
If they aren't busy curling and playing hockey,
Maybe you can call the Eh-Team.
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2022

       //GoFundMe have decided to give the money back, instead of diverting it// Enough credit charge backs will do that.
Voice, Feb 08 2022

       Laugh it up.
That's the spirit!

       We are the only country on the planet to say enough-is-enough, and now everybody else seems to realize that government depends on its people and are following suit.   


       Laugh it up.   

       When you are all done laughing we, maybe we can discuss the elected-representative and commercial-CEO human rights tribunals...   


       oh the fun we'll have   

       Some guy on the CBC today nailed it. I will try to find the footage because I laughed my ass off.
When asked who spoke for the truckers, who are the organizers to be mediated with? He said;

       "Their are no organizers! We're a lot of groups! We all came from different areas of Canada. You can pin this on anyone you want. But... it's "we" the people brother!"   


       laugh away   

       Those of you not from Canada won't understand how our federal government, (not just Liberals either). has held our western provinces hostage using democracy as a bludgeon since they need only please the majority to get reelected.
Sounds good on paper, but since a majority of our people are condensed into a relatively small portion of our country the west foots the bills and our hard earned money goes east never to return.

       This spontaneous eruption from us peons has been building for generations.
The longer they wait to get their fucking boot off our throats, the more we will resist.


       Time to get back to work servants.   

       Au contraire, Google "waxit".   

       Or, if you have more time on your hands, read "The Lonely Crowd" and "The Affluent Society".   

       Both of these books, in different ways, point out that, because of automation, all the important work in the world can be done by a smaller and smaller fraction of the population (in this case, you and a couple of truck drivers). But everyone else still has to keep busy, and eat, somehow. Hence, expropriation, in various forms.   

       This is a problem which has been rumbling under the surface since the end of WWII. In recent years, it has not so much surfaced as resurfaced so that, for example, five years ago I was reading people in the comments section of an article in the Financial Times, groping towards thoughts that had already been expressed and explored in the 1950s.   

       The problem was made worse by the tendency of the Positive Psychology movement to objectify and deny agency to the people who were to be expropriated. That really added insult to injury, I think.   

       Anyway, it's not really specific to Canada.
pertinax, Feb 09 2022

       True, as is evidenced by the response around the planet to government abuse of power.   

       They say no taxation without representation... I wonder just how many Canadians are aware that we pay Federal income tax on a voluntary basis to fund the World War Two effort and that we can un-volunteer to pay them... en masse.   

       We don't really need our federal government and would do just fine only paying provincial and municipal taxes.   

       It's not just me and a few truckers.   

       They will no longer dismiss "we the people".
They will no longer tell us we must obey because a majority can be conned into giving away their rights.
They do "not" represent us.
They will smarten up... or they are fired.

       There's no head to cut off this snake boys because we all just said, "That's fucking enough!" and now we're basically saying, "Don't 'make' us all come down there."   


       <later edit>   

       I wonder... if we stood our ground, would the trillions of dollars of debt incurred by our federal government in the last two years be incurred only by them if they suddenly, (as SO many corporate entities seem to do), were dissolved, and no longer exist to approach, rendering all previous debts a victimless crime as so often happens in corporate law?   

       So many ways to fuck...   

       So little time.   

       Get your shit together you slacking power hungry servants.
Daddy's home.

       //It's not just me and a few truckers.//   

       I know, I was exaggerating for comedic effect. But there is a serious point; when the peasants of England revolted in, I think, 1381, the peasants were almost everyone. But now, they're not.
pertinax, Feb 10 2022

       I know history is cyclic, this is just the first time in history, (as far as I know), where citizens separated by thousands of miles decided as a group in a single day to become cohesive... without needing organization... 'before' the horse gets out of the gate.   

       You ever seen that before in history books?   

       Yes, pissed off BC truckers decided to drive across the country to express their displeasure and started all this shit, but they are only the tip of a spear.
The people that said; "Yeah, I'm in." don't have leadership.
"We-The-People" no longer seem to need it.

       ...and so something new has been introduced historically speaking and the changes produced by this change will no longer favour the one percent of humans attempting to subjugate the ninety nine percent who built your playgrounds.   


       ...we don need no steenking badges.   

       //But there is a serious point; when the peasants of England revolted in, I think, 1381, the peasants were almost everyone. But now, they're not.//   

       Also true, and yet what happened to the power base? Did the Monarchy retain its absolute power?   

       Some of the peasants now wear wigs... and also overstep their bounds.   

       <tried to edit a previous anno with the following but was denied>   

       <later edit>   

       I wonder... if we stood our ground, would the trillions of dollars of debt incurred by our federal government in the last two years be incurred only by them if they suddenly, (as SO many corporate entities seem to do), were dissolved, and no longer exist to approach, rendering all previous debts null and void as there is no entity to sue?   

       So many ways to fuck...   

       So little time.   

       Get your shit together you slacking power hungry servants.
Daddy's home.

       No...those debts are probably in U.S. dollars, and the U.S. will demand payback when their dollar hits the skids.   

       // Some of the peasants now wear wigs... and also overstep their bounds. //   

       Just wearing a wig is probably going too far.
4and20, Feb 10 2022

       Who pays a Federal Governments' debts when a Federal Government dissolves?   

       The insurance company perhaps?   

       As a balding man I have nothing against wigs per se.   

       I am just seriously under-impressed by them.
All that coif-ing...
...pomp and ceremony?

       M'yeah... I'll pass.
Somebody please fetch me a razor!


       Never mind!
I just wanted to see if any of you would jump.

       Real men know that I would never ask someone else to fetch that which I can get for myself.   


       Feel the burn.   

       Has the bartender called time yet?
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2022

       I understand that you guys can't see the end results of possible scenarios yet.   

       There's not a whole lot of 'good' one's to choose from.
What I see coming is that when our federal government, (our small fringe minority, spatially-speaking) decides to militarize in order to continue to hold hostage every single other province other than Ontario and Quebec, (it's like they both have a spare provincial government to collect taxes and just call it Federal), then fine...

       We separate.   

       The portion of the debt, (I think we're topping out at four hundred fucking billion in the last two years added to our indenture), gets divided by population alone.   

       See, everyone here in the west already see the massive portion "we" the unrepresented will have to pay compared to "they" the tiny disproportional minority of our space calling themselves a majority of our country.
"We" will have our farms stripped. "We" will have our taxes raised through the roof. "We" will have to foot the fucking tab that "They" raised... and we're not fucking doing it!

       Not anymore.   

       Either the Eastern Federal government's monopoly extorting our Western resources ends.   

       ...or the west breaks away taking a substantial portion of their involuntary input back.   

       ...or we dissolve our own federal government so that they can no longer divide us for power.   

       I can't believe we still have to protest this shit... and that nobody else seems to see it coming.   

       ...and that any of you still fling shit at me when you've all seen me calling things before they happen for two decades now.   

       Maybe y'all need to reevaluate the shit you've been taught and then accept as truth without question.   

       Maybe you've been conned.   

       Maybe you can learn to think for yourselves... while it's still legal.   

       Maybe... what's going down here is coming to a neighbourhood near you and you can't ignore it anymore... all I know is that in the last couple of years I've learned to see those who would house Anne Frank and who wouldn't within seconds.   

       The North remembers.
Exactly how many arteries would you like to see shut down?

       No use looking to see what pipeline I'm using spooks.   

       I have absolutely zero contacts. I just see what's coming and try to prepare others... because I can.   


       C'mon... somebody fling some more shit. This was just starting to get fun.   


       I'm not sure I follow the part where living close together turns a majority into a minority and living far apart turns a minority into a majority. By this reasoning, Antarctica ought to have a huge say in world affairs.   

       Voice through bullhorn: "Spread out everyone: they're about to take the vote!"
pertinax, Feb 11 2022

       Before you ask, of course Atlantic Canadians and yes... even Newfies are welcome in the west. Anyone not up for raping the many to feed the few   

       Besides ... you Newfie assholes are totally savage and I love it. You crazy tree-jumping fuckers .
If our government doesn't clue in soon we'll just sick you rock-dwellers on them, have a snooze, and then meet up for a beer afterwards.

       HA! We'll drink Screech and have us a toast.   

       Our treat. True dat bye.   

       Shit ends now... and not just here.   

       Sorry [pertinax] we were typing at the same time.   

       //I'm not sure I follow the part where living close together turns a majority into a minority and living far apart turns a minority into a majority. By this reasoning, Antarctica ought to have a huge say in world affairs.//   

       Well, imagine that a majority of civilians in a community live along the beach of their only lake.
They make it so that, given majority rule, they can create whatever laws and extract any amount of taxes they want in order to pay their bills for them and profit from the countryside, (which is orders of magnitude larger than the tiny lakeside community), and protest becomes illegal.

       Pardon my French but we've been literally told for generations that; you will be fucked up the ass. You will have to learn to like it. You will obey... because "we" are the majority and there's absolutely fucking nothing you can do about it.   

       "What are you gonna do about it?"
"What are you gonna do about it?"
"What are you gonna do about it?"...

       ...and now it seems to be going global.   



       What we're fucking doing right now is what we are going to do about it....   

       What are you going to do about it?   

       Better question;   

       What are you going to do about other citizens of Earth following suit?   

       What are you going to do?... put more pressure on Canadian politicians to get their damned people in line?   

       Anyone can see where that's going.   

       We're Canadians.   

       We'll reinforce our boys as needed.   

       Y'all done fucked up, bringing your shit to our doorsteps.   

       //given majority rule, they can create whatever laws and extract any amount of taxes they want in order to pay their bills for them//   

       Well that's a problem with democracy per se, and people have been complaining about it since Aristotle. It doesn't really have anything to do with the land area of different provinces; you can have the same problem when the net payers and the net receivers live next door to one another (as they did in the little Greek city states where this was first debated).
pertinax, Feb 11 2022

       I see truckers and their love interests forming the "Pacific Party" and joining some relatively macho politician in a coalition government. Meanwhile, the donation money they've raised will be used to research the side effects of major namebrand vaccines.
4and20, Feb 11 2022

       //Well that's a problem with democracy per se, and people have been complaining about it since Aristotle. It doesn't really have anything to do with the land area of different provinces; you can have the same problem when the net payers and the net receivers live next door to one another (as they did in the little Greek city states where this was first debated)//   

       Sure, okay, did any one of those people all decide over night, "Over our fucking dead bodies."   

       Because that's what we're dealing with. They want to bankrupt our country with the con job? ...and then stick us with the bill?...   

       ...Okay, then we'll be taking the captains down with their ships until they change their tune.   

       ...and we'll find out how that plays out and they we'll change our tactic continuously until we actually have a voice in our own governance.   


       //I see truckers and their love interests forming the "Pacific Party" and joining some relatively macho politician in a coalition government. Meanwhile, the donation money they've raised will be used to research the side effects of major namebrand vaccines.//   

       Yeah... its really not like that, we are simply concerned about our children and grandchildren and will literally sacrifice ourselves to keep you cunts from subjugating them.   

       The rest of it is just media fluff.   

       //Sure, okay, did any one of those people all decide over night, "Over our fucking dead bodies."//   

       Yes. There were several brutal civil wars, as well as smaller scale acts of violence. They didn't solve anything.
pertinax, Feb 11 2022

       Maybe this one won't either... but my gut says different.   

       Our government works for "us"... they just need to redefine what "us" means to them... and all this shit goes away.   

       If they continue to presume that a majority of their space deserves a small-fringe-minority say in their affairs being reqired to pay a LARGE-MAJORITY-SHARE of their income... then...   

       ...let's see how they pay it on their own when everything this side of the Rockies separates from their indentured servitude.   

       We'll pay our share of course, we're Canadian... but we'll pay it per capita... and see how paying just the western share of our four hundred billion dollars (in just two fucking years), debt goes over, when mostly paid by only two of our provinces.   

       ...and then we'll see if others world-wide follow suit.   

       This has never happened before historically.   

       Your people now actually speak.   


       Folks in power should probably start listening if they don't want folks without power to rearrange their shit for them.   

       just sayin   

       Yeah...I don't have much sympathy for a viewpoint which drops democracy and science simultaneously.
4and20, Feb 11 2022

       Sorry but your freedoms stop at the tip of my nose. I have the right to drive on a public road to get from point A to point B.   

       Frankly nobody south of the border pays any attention to Canadian politics, so if you've been screaming for years at your government, it hasn't been loud enough for anyone else to hear.   

       The last I checked, (which was just a second ago really), Ontario had three times the population of BC.
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2022

       //Yeah...I don't have much sympathy for a viewpoint which drops democracy and science simultaneously.//   

       We are not dropping either one. We are modifying the former to remove totalitarianism in disguise and refusing to allow the latter to be used for public subjugation.   

       Our freedoms don't stop where your fear begins.   

       Are we screaming loud enough for the world to hear us now?   

       Our federal government is nothing more than a second provincial government for Ontario and Quebec to extort taxes. Whenever the cost of living goes up, all other provinces shoulder the extras.
They institute a "temporary" goods and services tax over and above everything else they already steal, and then hit us with an extra harmonized sales tax so that we have to fight them on that front while they keep their temporary tax in place without end.

       Federal income tax was another "temporary" measure.   

       You see the trend here yes?   

       Increasing taxation without representation.
They want to keep us silent and servile, and, well...

       ... they're listening now aren't they? Others around the planet seem to have similar complaints. Their governments are starting to listen now too.   

       We will be equally represented in our democracy or we will leave our majority to pay the bill they've incurred without the ability to rape other provinces to do it.   

       There's absolutely no discussion from our government... just threats.   

       Who knows, if there happen to be new protest variants coming in waves then two weeks may not be enough to flatten the curve and we might have to lock them down for years...   

       y'know... for their own safety.   

       Well here in the States, the mask mandates are starting to lift anyway and have been doing so since before your convoy ever left BC.   

       And as far as I can tell, you're still in the west and didn't really do anything but whine and complain and some fistpumps when someone else went and made themselves a royal pain.
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2022

       That's just it. Mandates are lifting and our dickhead Prime minister is adding more.   


       Rest assured, we will use all of the tools at our disposal to ensure that the spread of totalitarianism remains manageable.
The science is unequivocal and can not be questioned.
For now, during the transition phase, it is paramount that we work together to continue to ensure that totalitarian spread doesn't overwhelm our struggling mental health care system.
Together, we can keep this power hungry spread in check but this may require booster protests.

       It is clear, that protests are here for our governments protection and the small fringe element of public servants with uh, unacceptable views, resisting these protests are not following the science and may need to be quarantined for an indefinite period of time.   

       They don't 'have' to get protested, but we will take their jobs away, their rights away, their power away...   

       ...but they don't 'have' to get protested.   

       //Well here in the States, the mask mandates are starting to lift//   

       And about time too, with cases and deaths way down, there's no justification for keeping them. Except cases and deaths are apparently higher than any time apart from a 2- 4 week period in december-january last year.   

       Not that I trust the data, if you look at it, the best anti- Covid measure is actually just weekends. It's not of course, it's systemic noise not related to when people actually died. It strongly implies that the data isn't in the best hands. It will probably take years of work to unpick the fuckery and get some sort of handle on how deadly it actually is/was.   

       //but this may require booster protests.//   

       heh. In general, if this actually achieves anything I'll be extremely impressed. I stopped believing in protests after I went on the almost million-person protest against the 2nd Iraq war. It didn't do anything and every other protest I've seen since has achieved similarly.   

       But truckers, truckers have some power. I remember the fuel protests in the UK in 2000. The country nearly stopped from a handful of trucks blockading refineries. The roads were blissfully quiet, and ultimately many of the grievances were addressed. Of course, then a bunch of laws were quietly changed to make similar protests a lot less likely, but hey.
bs0u0155, Feb 11 2022

       If nothing else the rest of the world will see just how corrupt our governmental systems have become.   

       Anyone can see the overnight change in the "news" we are being fed today.   

       Lot's of folks got threatened last night and told to change their tune or else.   

       Gee, I wonder which players have the pull to change political opinion that fast?   

       It's just So perplexing.   

       I don't know what to tell you guys. Usually when this kind of stuff goes down the countries in question are small.
In our case we have the opposite. We have this really "Really" tiny-footprint majority population of our really Really big democratic country telling the majority-footprint minority that we have no say... and, (pardon my french) but, as far as I can tell they intend to fuck us up the ass indefinitely as they bankrupt us to pay their bills.

       As a fake democratic dictatorship... true story.   

       It's kinda got folks pissed off.   

       Now, I can't say for sure, but I reckon that there ain't enough forces, jail cells, or bullets to spread as wide as "the people" can spread if that's the way "they" want to play it and you don't want to be chasing a Canadian boy into his back-woods any more than you'd want to chase Ausies through the outback.
Difference is that we told our government to go pound salt when told to hand over our weapons.

       Again... I'm just the intuitive messenger without ties to any faction at all.
Don't shoot.

       Maybe some governmental concessions and actual representation of population by area over majority might deescalate things before you're forced to remove masks and show real faces to the world.   

       Fucking sociopaths... they never change.
Blame you for whatever they do and cry victim while doing it.

       Pathetic really.   

       Literally folks.
A confirmed Crack-smoking Premier, (reelected mind you!) daring to warn honest citizens about harsh consequences of their actions???
Seriously! You can't make this shit up.

       What in the fuck kind of Bearen"stain"-Bear dystopia hell did I fucking land in this time?   

       All I can say is; I've had easier assignments people.   

       Representation by area? Seriously? Whomever has the biggest piece of property gets the most say? Don't you realize that that is precisely how you end up with stupid shit like the feudal system? Welcome to the 1300's.
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2022

       Fine then. self governance 'within' areas so that majority rule can not be used to subjugate citizens without them having say in the matter.
A small fringe minority occupying a majority portion of a country shouldn't have absolutely no representation at the federal level so that all federal taxes collected stay within a few cities.

       On a darker note;
These violent protesters have begun erecting bouncy castles for their KIDS!

       Is there no end to the arsenal of carnage and anarchy they are willing to deploy?!   

       They just brought out a DISCO BALL!!!   

       Oh the Humility...   

       See... any critical thinking Canadian has played this out.
This Federal government just spent their way to indenturing every single man woman and child in this country to pay an unnecessary four Hundred billion dollar debt in two years equalling ten thousand dollars each... until interest rates go up at which point permanent indenture will become the norm and our kids won't remember any different.

       The debt will then never be paid off and our government will steal our 'everything' to fund their corruption... and they've rendered us voiceless by making it so that our votes mean absolutely nothing.
We just get to choose between oppressors.


       ...we already know that if we don't pull this off we're all fucked.
All legal and governmental like. Propagandized at our expense.

       No truly Canadian boy is backing down on this and if our Federal government continues to openly destroy the people of this country with a "What can you do about it?" attitude then they get what they've got coming.
That equates to the 'entire' small fringe minority with, uh, unacceptable views doing everything possible to take them down with us.

       Without needing prior coordination to provide intel. The boys'll just all go Newfie at once.   

       Hopefully the world will see their real faces soon... and then we won't be a small fringe minority anymore... and then those who instigated this shit will finally learn fear and "we-the-people" can get back to rebuilding from The-Great-Con as it will be referred to by future generations learning how to spot psycho/sociopaths before they attain anything even close to resembling power over others and directing them towards careers better suited to their bent.   

       Until then...   

       Well, we laid a strip for the Jersey shore, prepared to cross the line.
I could see the bridge was lined with bears, but I didn't have a dog-goned dime.
I says, "Pig Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck, "We just ain't gonna pay no toll."
So we crashed the gate doing ninety-eight, I says; "Let them truckers roll, 10-4."

       Heh, see, I kind of love how mainstream media has been excluded from anything going down, so that people can hear for themselves how news sources 'spin' anything to sound the way "those" who own the media tell them to...   

       ...and then you get to see the real story and just how fast they try to distract public away from it.   

       Get this;
The fence these violent protesters... no! occupational army dared to remove from around our war memorial which got SO vilified by "the news" all day was removed at the request of our few remaining veterans.

       Those last weeks heroes of ours who know they are about to be permanently vacationed soon say the same shit we all do, stand with us, and now police it themselves. Just like our police will and our armed forces will.   

       They didn't fight and die for their grandchildren to be sold out by our government for a re-set.   

       Aw hell no.   

       The North remembers... winter's here.   

       Emergency measures act it is then. Well...   


       Never did fully figure out why anyone would want to shoot themselves in the foot like that, but, I can work with that particular personality and intellectual flaw.   

       Carry on.   

       Maybe I will fully figure it out this time...   

       Maybe I don't have to figure out anything at all.   

       Any of you now following this shit-storm in Canada are becoming fully aware of exactly what Canadian Federal Government thinks about 'any' other region of this HUGE continent-spanning country outside of its teensy wee little footprint of majority... and that 'they' reflect not-at-all who "we-the-people" really are.
'We' just don't factor in, because we are not needed in order for any party to get elected. Period.

       Shut up and go back to work... "We've" got bills to pay.   

       Our "individual" cities though apparently can now direct our entire "Federal" Government to invoke war-time measures against its own people protesting simply by redefining the word "protest" and changing it to "occupation", thereby vilifying their now "occupiers" and send in their military. They also intend to give "banks", (the fucking Banks? Really?) in Canada the power to seize 'any' account, personal or corporate, that the "bank" suspects 'might' have contributed even twenty bucks to the fund.   

       Emergency WAR-time measures against your own people wanting to have a little chat after being silenced?

       Just plant a few flags, place a few guns and any territory 'outside' of a few cities, hugging the equator as closely as they can, get to claim that Every Single Other region trying to be heard outside of that zone is an enemy of the state?
All of us are just declared a "small fringe minority with, uh, unacceptable views"... and then they scream DEMOCRACY while keeping their hostage cash-cows a secret, not only from the rest of the world, but more importantly from the very few cities they have to make happy in order to get elected to their "temporary" jobs.

       I was born in Ontario and have experienced all of this country over decades other than the Atlantic Provinces, (friends with many of you guys, just never got blown that far east yet), as I worked my way to the Sunshine Coast just north of Vancouver, found it a bit too wet for me, and backed off a bit.   

       I understand on a gut level the complacency of Eastern Canada towards the rest of the country. I've seen first hand the struggles of our farmers. That our truckers watched our doctors media-personified as heroes and then fired if they didn't conform, and 'then' watch any nurse being heroically personified and then fired if they didn't conform...   

       ...knowing that they were being lauded and then discarded... next and then the farmers after them.   

       I think the response was not only known but expected as a ploy to gain a tighter rein on this massive continent-spanning country that's really controlled by a few cities.   

       If that flags me as seditionist then so be it.   

       Corrupt governments don't deserve coddling.   

       It's just Bearenstain stain bears all the way down.   


       Y'all see where this shit's heading right?   

       All Canadians not located within a few cities have just been deemed a fringe minority with unacceptable views.   


       Coming soon to a country near you.   

       You guys Are seeing this... right?   

       You may not be aware of this, [2 fries], but with respect to the "state of emergency", the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is taking your side against Trudeau.   

       This is worth mentioning, because it means that there are still some points on which hand-wringing, latte-sipping, metrosexual small-l liberals can agree with the big, grizzly real men from the Rocky Mountains.   

       This, in turn, is important, because it means that dialogue is not over, civil society is not over and democracy is not over. Here's hoping that continues.
pertinax, Feb 17 2022

       Hear hear.   

       Lot's of folks ready to lose their shit while the rational faction get increasingly drowned out.
I keep broadcasting that violence is what let's our government keep giving itself more and more power, let's just laugh at them... they hate that shit... but I'm just one guy screaming amongst the screamers.


       Hmm... what about an enzyme to metabolise anger into humour? I expect [bs0] to design it for us, and [beanangel] to tell us where we can buy the ingredients from a Chinese website for 50c a shot.   

       My contribution will be to think of a proper Greek name for it.
pertinax, Feb 17 2022

       If we slip it into the beer supply...   

       <Rant Alert>   

       Hopefully the rest of the planet is not watching the shit they feed us on the CBC.
When I say "real" men it has absolutely nothing to to with effeminate men finding middle ground with burly men.
I will never be burly.
I am 5 ft. 8,1/2" tall, (we don't do metric when it comes to height), 145 lbs of weight, (same lack of metric), soaking wet on a good day, wrists you can wrap your thumb and pinky finger around, never played hockey... etc.
...not what you'd call a burly dude by any measure... but a 'real' man here nonetheless.
We measure Men here by their integrity, willingness to pull their weight, protecting those who can't, and standing behind your words, and so I am accorded respect by these burly men, not because I can fake all of these traits, but because there are things I will confront them on even if both I and they know they can kick my ass.
"Real" men will back off out of respect of your determination to stand that ground.

       These men I see governing us are not real men. They have no respect for integrity. These politicians do not respect honesty. They ignore difference of opinion, and they just demand respect without having to first earn it.   

       Fuck that noise. I had to earn the respect of these burly men.
I demand that respect now as having been earned, and now our "government" can damned well earn mine... as well as theirs "before" it is given.

       Best of luck gents... it's no picnic.   


       I am torn between two decisions;   

       When the small fringe minority with, uh, unacceptable views separate from the large majority with acceptable views which, (they ever more frantically insist), constitutes Canada itself, I believe that a majority of land mass would 'then' factor in as to whom retains the "brand name" [CANADA].   

       ...So, should 'they' then call themselves Quebario, or Ontarebec?   

       Either way, our per capita majority can keep the Federal Government "they" voted for as their very own, and "we" can watch as their chosen government rapes the outer fringes, of the two provinces they are federal government of, to feed the majority of their own population centre power-base cities and pay "their" share of "our" debt.   

       The rest of the fringe minority of "Canada" will go back to trading amongst ourselves without federally backed middle men legally stuffing their hands deeper and deeper into our pockets, and "Canada" will elect a consortium of officials to fill that collaborative role when, and only when, they are needed.   

       "Canada" will pay it's per capita share of debt incurred to date... and Quebario or whatever the fuck they call themselves can pay the portion which they've incurred without fringe minority support.   

       I suspect a short separation... with a tearful reconciliation and eventually a much more level playing field afterwards which more adequately reflects the great diversity beyond the teensy bounds of Ontarebec.   

       They should probably start a poll so that Canada doesn't just call them whatever the hell Canada wants to call what once dared to call itself our federal government.   

       Either reflect all of Canada, or our "entire" population-majority can fuck off from its territorial-majority and we'll see how they fare on their own.   



       The fringe minority no longer recognizes their federal authority until representation precedes taxation.   

       See, rather than discriminate against their neighbours just because their government has gone all nazi, restaurants here have all started non-conforming by conforming in such a way that so that instead of getting fined for daring to say no to Vaxxports they just stopped serving booze and doing counter service instead, thus punishing conformers by denying them anything they attempt to take from others with "unacceptable views".   

       Oh no! Conformers not being incentivized? Non-conformity being awarded?!   

       What madness is this?!!!   

       "The Fringe" is simply not listening to their bullshit anymore.   

       Try and arrest us all Trudeau you fucking wanna-be dick tater.   

       Send the royal mounted goons to trample us with their horses like you did with our 'Peaceful' protesters Lord Fukwad.   


       Don't make us come down there again...   

       For anyone who still thinks that all Canadians have any representation at all at the Federal level. [link]   

       Democracy my ass. More like Roman rule if you ask me.   

       If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
RayfordSteele, Feb 20 2022

       "Red smear at the bottom" does indeed sound like communist Brahmanism.
4and20, Feb 20 2022

       Well... the red smear has officially declared the rest of this great country, other than itself, The Enemy Of Democracy and you all get to bear witness to their corruption and our democratic subjugation.   

       What marvellous times we live in eh?   

       When the government of a pillar of democracy like Canada can be shown to have been wearing a mask ever since world war two and successfully conning the rest of the world into believing that a small fringe majority wouldn't be corrupted into totalitarianism by the complacency of that proportionally tiny majority.   

       What the hell did they think was going to happen?   

       Oh, they knew exactly what was going to happen.   

       Power never relinquishes itself willingly.   

       I think that we forced their hand before they were ready, which means that mistakes will be made. Unintended consequences of actions will amplify. Oscillations in the plan will reverberate, compromising cohesiveness within the conniving group of would be overlords until they fall to preying upon one another for survival.   

       We the people...
...will be just fine.

       Once the dust settles.   

       We totally understand that somebody has got the goods on them and that they absolutely can not lose face or back down.   

       We are in fact counting on it.   

       : ]   

       Yesterday's news.
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2022

       It's okay Ray.
It's not necessary to believe in the Easter bunny when the Easter bunny believes in you.

       Does he have big white hairy feet and live in the cold northwest somewhere?
RayfordSteele, Feb 23 2022

       The hairs on my feet are getting whiter as we speak.   

       <twitches nose>   


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