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Jogging Weights? Just you wait and see!!

Jogging weights that double as articles of self defense.
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So she's beautiful, and she jogs in beauty like the night. And she went a little farther than usual, and she's late so she takes a shortcut through the park and its dark.

She notices the two bearded men falling in behind her, jogging at the same speed. It is desolate up ahead. She tries to outrun them, but shes tired. And alone. And she thinks of her 4 year old daughter...

They approach, one on each side. She has jogging weights, that look like small dumbells, one on each hand, each weighing two pounds.*

She thinks she can bludgeon at least one of them but she knows she's outnumbered.

Then she remembers, these aren't just jogging weights... These are 9mm automatic revolvers made to look and function as jogging weights, made by the Donny Boy 2nd Amendment Company, and imported from China by Trumpster Imports.

She stops, turns, braces herself, takes aim, and BOOM BOOM!!! Out Go the Lights.

God bless you Mr Trumpster, and God bess the Second Amendment.

* weight, not money

r_kreher, Aug 12 2016

Webley–Fosbery Automatic Revolver https://en.wikipedi..._Automatic_Revolver
Intriguing [8th of 7, Aug 13 2016]

.357 Magnum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.357_Magnum
Not bad, for a handgun round. [8th of 7, Aug 13 2016]

Colt Detective Special https://en.wikipedi...t_Detective_Special
Not bad for a snubnose. [8th of 7, Aug 13 2016]


       If I recall right, the original British Pound Sterling was literally a pound of silver. Possibly a Troy Pound, though....
Vernon, Aug 13 2016

       // 9mm automatic revolvers //   

       So, a recoil-slide action, like the Webley-Fosbery ?   


       9mm as in 9mm Parabellum ? That's a rimless round, intended for magazine fed automatics, not revolvers. Rimless rounds are rarely if ever used in revolvers, because of the problem of ejecting the spent cases.   

       If you really want a 9mm round, you could do worse than the 9.01mm .357 Magnum round.   


       [+] for the overall idea, however for that sort of close-quarters defence a 20-gauge shotgun round loaded with buckshot has an acceptably deterrent effect.   


       Why not just carry two Colt Detective Special .38's in covers that lool like jogging weights ?   


       Plenty of them around at reasonable prices. Only about 700g, loaded.
8th of 7, Aug 13 2016

       Most jogging weights are more than a pound; .50 Smith and Wesson revolvers weigh almost exactly 5lbs, loaded.   

       Running around with one of those in each hand would pretty definitely give robbers, passers-by, and some of the more hi-res geostationary satellites, pause.
FlyingToaster, Aug 13 2016

       //rimless rounds are rarely, if ever, used in revolvers//   

       Not never; seems there's a few, modern even : most are loaded/unloaded by clips, and one has little spring detentes to hold the rim. Can't for the life of me figure out why, though.
FlyingToaster, Aug 13 2016

       Reads like an exciting novel. Looking forward to Chapter 2, with different antagonists. Bun for the idea [+]
whatrock, Aug 13 2016

       // there's a few, modern even //   

       Yes, we know. That is why we said "rarely", not "never". Please, do try to keep up.
8th of 7, Aug 13 2016

       I was hoping they would convert into nunchuku, or flails, maybe.
RayfordSteele, Aug 15 2016

       English Meaning: The name Willow is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Willow is: Slender;graceful. From the willow tree noted for slender graceful branches and leaves.
r_kreher, Aug 15 2016

       I'm not up to date on my concealed carry rules. Is a gun considered to be concealed if it is disguised as something else?   

       Actually a gun disguised as something else would be good for killing someone, but not necessarily good for convincing someone to leave you alone without having to demonstrate that it actually is a deadly weapon.
scad mientist, Aug 15 2016

       yep. now yer gettin' it
r_kreher, Aug 15 2016

       Ahh, the everlasting "deterrence" debate   

       // Willow //   

       Eh ?
8th of 7, Aug 15 2016

       //Eh ?//   

       Somebody placed an extremely clever annotation about willow trees... I'll be darned if it didn't get disappeared.
r_kreher, Aug 15 2016


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