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No-Games League

A sport with just the business of sport and no athletic events.
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It seems the real games are off the field nowadays, with trade talks, and pouting players and escalating salaries dominating the headlines. So why not have a baseball league or something with teams and players, etc., but with no games. We'll just trade players back and forth, and they can cry and whine and demand this and that. We just won't waste time with the actual games. Maybe we could simulate them on a computer. Players will be ranked according to how many trades they've been involved with, and all-stars will be chosen based on salaries.
dredcat7, Mar 11 2001

Fantasy Baseball http://www.dmoz.com...s/Fantasy/Baseball/
[egnor, Mar 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Why not? The real money is in the merchandising anyway.
sirrobin, Mar 12 2001

       ... its called fantasy sports
Twist, May 10 2006

       Ooo!! OOO! I call it a rant! Yes, I got it!
EvilPickels, May 10 2006


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