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magnet toss

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Invite someone who has a metal plate in their head for lunch/tea/business meeting etc.

When he or she arrives explain to them in a stern but comforting voice what the rules are.

When everyone is ready, the person with the metal plate in their head should sit in the middle of the room on a cushion. Guests then take turns throwing various kitchen refrigerator type magnets at them.

Points can then be awarded for accuracy, number and distance etc.

benfrost, Aug 27 2005


       Cruel and unusual.
DrCurry, Aug 27 2005

       You could play this game with regular people, using barroom darts.   

contracts, Aug 27 2005

       why do you need to use a person to do this? Because that is just mean. Why not just use a big metal object. If you did that, then this is baked. It is actually a drinking game. You draw a circle on the fridge(or attach one), then toss the magnets at it, the one that gets the furthest away from the circle loses and has to do a shot. The person that got the closest to the center of the circle gets to chose how you have to toss the next round. ie: backwards, with eyes closed, upside-down, with wrong hand, etc. It is quite fun and cheap too.
babyhawk, Aug 27 2005

       I think the person with the metal plate is an important part of this.
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 27 2005

       It seems a little cruel, but since [benfrost] does have the uncle with the metal plate in his head (see *Recipe Magnet*), it should be acceptable.
sleeka, Aug 27 2005

       My grandmother had a nasty head on collision with a CM (cement mixer) when out and about in her EMV (electric mobility vehicle) and her skeleton had to be replaced with a metal one. On Christmas day, we're going to strip all the decorations and lights off her and try this out......I'll keep you posted!
Fridge Magnate, Aug 28 2005

       Not only mean, but impractical. The Metal used for surgically joining bones is non-ferromagnetic.
LED Prism, Oct 05 2006


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